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Smoothies in diabetes

Smoothies in diabetes

Smoothies are now known worldwide and enormously popular. Even in the supermarket you can find smoothies in bottles or tetra packs. If you look at the list of ingredients, you are often struck by naked horror. For diabetics or people who are concerned about their health, ready-made smoothies are therefore hardly an option. As always with smoothies: Do it yourself is much better! As a diabetic you should only pay attention to a few little things. Then you can enjoy delicious and especially healthy smoothies every day in diabetes.

Smoothies for diabetics

Before we come to the smoothie prescriptions for diabetics, we would like to point out once again, which criteria a healthy smoothie - whether for diabetics or non-diabetics - should fulfill:

A healthy diet without smoothies seems almost impossible by now. Wherever you look, smoothies are present almost everywhere. Many smoothies do not fulfill their original purpose today, but not anymore. They usually consist only of fruits, juices or fruit pulp, to which a variety of ingredients and often even sweeteners are mixed. These smoothies are not particularly healthy.

But what was the original purpose of the smoothie?

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The original purpose of a smoothie

In particular, the green smoothie has been developed to allow the consumption of larger amounts of green leafy and wild vegetables. Because this food group tastes the spoiled palate of the modern man not so good. So he does not eat them anymore. Without green leafy and wild vegetables, however, we lack important components that protect the body from diseases and support it in healing processes.

In the green smoothie you mix now the most tart-tasting green leafy and wild vegetables with fruits. In this way, the taste of the green is laminated and you can enjoy the daily portion of greens. The original recipe provides only three ingredients:

  • Green leaf and wild vegetables
  • fruit
  • water

This simple formula allows for easy digestion and utilization of green leafy and wild vegetables, an elixir rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants.

The really healthy green smoothie

Often, however, today's smoothie consists almost entirely of fruit, accompanied at best by one or two leaves of spinach or a sprig of parsley - and thus completely misses its former purpose. The amount of greenery is much too low, and fruits can also be eaten very well pure from the hand. You do not have to puree them. On the contrary, a slowly eaten and carefully chewed apple is significantly healthier than a pureed apple that is quickly drunk.

Add a large portion of green leafy vegetables (one to two hands full) to a high-quality and healthy green smoothie. Of the fruits, you just add enough to make the smoothie taste good - and the water regulates the texture. For very watery fruits, the water can also be omitted or quantitatively greatly reduced.

The mix ratio for a healthy green smoothie (300 ml) looks something like this:

  • 50 g green leafy vegetables (spinach, salads, wild plants, kale or similar)
  • 150 g ripe fruit
  • 75 - 100 ml of water - depending on personal preference

Of course, the ratio can be varied, with the green component can rise upward limitless. Fruits should really only contain so many, so that the green leafy vegetables can be drunk enjoyably.


Diabetic smoothies - The basic rules

Especially if there is already a disease, it is worthwhile to drink only high-quality smoothies, such as. B. in diabetes. As a diabetic, note the following rules for smoothie preparation and smoothie drinking:

Always drink smoothies very slowly

A green smoothie, which consists of a lot of green leafy vegetables and only a few fruits, can be drunk easily in diabetes - especially since a green smoothie basically not drunk, but rather very slowly, namely swallowed up sip. You do not treat the smoothie like a thirst quencher, which you quickly pour into yourself, but rather like a hot tea that you can only consume very slowly and carefully.

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Consider carbohydrate amount of fruits

Of course, take into account the carbohydrate content of your smoothie in your insulin calculation (if you already need to inject insulin).

Do not order any smoothies in the restaurant or buy them in the supermarket

In restaurants, diabetics should better not order a smoothie - and even smoothies from the supermarket are usually unsuitable. They are usually much too sweet, often consist of fruit concentrates, contain - if at all - so only a small amount of green and are often also sweetened. Smoothies are therefore best made by yourself.

Diabetic smoothies - the ingredients

Diabetics must make sure that their blood sugar levels do not make rapid up and down trips. Blood sugar fluctuations hardly occur after a green smoothie (when it dries slowly and does not contain only bananas). However, the more very sweet fruits are contained, the more likely a rapid rise in blood sugar can be.

This can be prevented with various measures:

  1. Choose ingredients with low glycemic load, that is, fruits that will not cause your blood sugar levels to rise that much - see the table below.
  2. Add a source of fat to your smoothie.
  3. Add a protein source to your smoothie.
  4. Add a source of fiber to your smoothie.
  5. Drink your smoothie very slowly! (You can not say it often enough...)

Concerning 2nd to 4th, please do not add all three ingredients (fat, proteins, fiber) to the smoothie at the same time. Decide on a smoothie for a maximum of two:

Fat sources in the smoothie for diabetics

Especially if, as a beginner, you do not mix so much leafy vegetables into your smoothie, but add some more fruit, you should use a source of fat if you have diabetes. Fat in the smoothie helps to prevent the sugar from getting into the bloodstream so quickly. The blood sugar level therefore increases more slowly.

You can add one of the following sources of fat to your smoothie, with top-to-bottom compatibility decreasing. Avocados are - followed by white almond paste - the most compatible fat source in the smoothie:

  • Avocado (½ avocado per 300 ml portion of smoothie)
  • Almond purĂ©e or another nutmeg (1 tbsp per 300 ml portion of smoothie)
  • Coconut oil (1 small TL per 300 ml portion)
  • Ground chia or linseed (1 tsp)
  • Walnuts or almonds (5 - 6 nuts / almonds)

Protein sources in the smoothie for diabetics

Proteins in the smoothie - just like fat - provide a sugar brake and prevent the fruit sugar from flowing too quickly into the blood. Conveniently, some of the above fat sources already provide interesting protein values, eg. B.

  • Almonds and almond paste
  • Seeds, e.g. B. peeled hemp seed, ground chia seed o. Ă„.
  • Vegetable protein powder, e.g. B. rice or pea protein or a mixture thereof (eg, tinder)

The most digestible is the protein powder. Do not give too much into your smoothie, otherwise it will take on the taste of the protein very much. We recommend to use at most 10 g of protein powder per 300 ml serving.

Dietary fiber in the smoothie for diabetics

Fiber is also used to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. However, even the green vegetables contained in the smoothie supply abundant cellulose (an insoluble fiber). Fruits like apples and berries are rich in pectin (a soluble fiber). However, since many people mix their smoothies very very long and very fine, just the insoluble fiber of the green vegetables are also very finely mixed and can not pass as well their sugar-reducing fiber properties.

Therefore, one can add to his smoothie high-quality fiber in diabetes, z. For example, the following (per 300 ml portion 1 - 2 tablespoons of at most two fiber sources at the same time, ie per fiber source ½ - 1 tablespoon):

  • Barley grass powder
  • coconut flour
  • Baobabpulver
  • Ground chia or linseed

Fruits and vegetables with low glycemic load for the diabetic smoothie

The Glycemic Load (GL) indicates the extent to which a food raises blood sugar levels. The higher the GL, the faster the blood sugar rises after eating the respective food. Values ​​up to 10 are considered low, values ​​above 20 are considered high.

Fruit or vegetablesGL = glycemic load
Berry1,3 - 2
Apricot fresh2,6
Dried apricot19,2
Apricot from the tin (with sugar)42,6
Orange juice (unsweetened)5
Green peas4
Kale / Kale0

Fruits affect blood sugar levels less than expected

Fruits do not affect blood sugar levels as much as you would expect because of the prevalent warnings about eating fruit in diabetes. Fruits only have a significant influence on the blood sugar level when it comes to dried fruit or sugared fruits from the can. In the latter case, then of course not the fruits themselves, but the added sugar, the blood sugar levels skyrocket. Only fully ripe bananas have a significantly high glycemic load.

Why fruits in diabetes pose no problem, and even protect against diabetes, we have explained here: fruits protect against diabetes

Other possible ingredients for the diabetic smoothie

Often only some spices give the smoothie that certain something. The following ingredients can therefore make your smoothie a special treat - and not only that: Some spices also have a positive effect on blood sugar levels, such as cinnamon, turmeric and ginger:

  • vanilla
  • cinnamon
  • Cocoa powder (de-oiled and unsweetened)
  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • Grated peel of an organic lemon or organic orange or just a piece of each fruit with peel

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Smoothies can be easily converted into smoothies for diabetics

With the help of our tips and rules for smoothie in diabetes, it is no longer difficult for you to put together a smoothie for you. You can also easily turn smoothie recipes from the net or from books into a smoothie for diabetics.

Further information on smoothies can be found here: Green Smoothies - The perfect meal

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What vital nutrients are important in diabetes, we have explained here: vital substances in diabetes

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