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Milk sugar is often praised as a mild laxative. The laxative effect is based on the following principle: When the body tries to digest the milk sugar, harmful acids are formed in the intestine, which must be excreted as quickly as possible. The intestine quickly accumulates water to dilute the acids and already reports bowel movements...

Milk sugar in baby food

The custom of enriching baby food with milk sugar dates back to ancient times. If a mother used to have breastfeeding problems, the infant would get diluted milk from the domestic cow. Thins because cow's milk contains almost twice as much protein and much more calcium than breast milk.

On the other hand, the lactose content in cow's milk is much lower than in breast milk. So the diluted animal milk had to be "fed" with milk sugar. A better solution would be raw, untreated goat's milk or homemade nut milk.

Milk sugar is harmful

Milk sugar is a refined, bright white and highly concentrated sugar, which has little in common with natural sugar - as found in fruits or mother's milk - and therefore far from being of use to the human body - on the contrary, it burdens him and leads As well as white crystal or table sugar, especially in conjunction with starch food (bread, cakes and other pastries) to fermentation processes in the digestive tract and obstructs both the absorption of nutrients and the work of the body's defense system. Concentrated sugars are the optimal food for harmful bacteria and fungi that multiply in no time at all, destroy the healthy intestinal flora and are responsible for many disease symptoms: headache, skin rashes, minerals and vitamin deficiency (iron, zinc and vitamin B deficiency).

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