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GM food makes you sick

GM food makes you sick

Gene plants are harmless, it is said again and again. However, more and more often it shows that they can actually cause serious damage to health. Genetically modified seeds from monsanto monsanto cause serious health problems. This was confirmed in a report published in the journal International Journal of Microbiology.

Poor studies lead to the approval of GM maize

Monsanto itself had carried out experiments before the approval of the genetically modified seeds in order to carry out a corresponding risk assessment. Only the board of examiners of the admissions authority got the following report to face - nobody else. Only by court order succeeded in forcing the disclosure of the Monsanto study.

The group had carried out tests on three varieties of its genetically modified maize. Two varieties contained the dangerous Bt toxin(1), the third variety was resistant to Roundup's own herbicide. All three maize varieties are currently grown on a large scale in the United States, one of them also in Europe. Independent French scientists (from the organization CRIIGEN) finally evaluated the study and found significant deficiencies.

Thus, Monsanto had apparently not examined weight changes of the test animals in question sufficiently. Monsanto has also left important data, for example about the changes in the urine of the animals, simply swept under the table.

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Symptoms of poisoning and organ damage after GM corn meal

Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini, head of the French team of researchers emphasized that the consumption of genetically modified plants leads to lasting negative effects.

Rats were fed Monsanto's patented GM maize. Within just three months, the poor creatures exhibited symptoms of poisoning and liver and kidney damage, revealing the study of certain hormones in the blood. One of the maize varieties also led to increased blood sugar levels and an increase in triglyceride levels in the female rats(2).

Genetically modified plants are foreign substances that have never been part of the natural diet. That's why Dr. Seralini concluded that no statements could be made about the long-term effects of these plants on humans. In any case, a significant disturbance of normal bodily functions was observed after a very short time in animals.

Genetically modified plants are not safe

The number of evidence for the harmfulness of genetically modified plants or organisms is growing steadily and burdens the respective biotechnology companies. These, however, remain calm in person. Monsanto, for example, is still bored with the claim that its genetically engineered products are safe. In fact, in the form of plants they are neither safe for the environment nor in the form of food or feed for humans and animals. One study after another shows that GM foods are anything but healthy and safe.

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Dead ladybugs

For example, studies from Luxembourg have shown that GM maize, whose pollen is known to kill some butterflies, also led to a higher mortality of ladybug larvae. He also had a negative impact on the growth of water fleas. Water fleas are highly sensitive creatures whose health begins to wane even with a slight reduction in water quality. They are therefore often used as an indicator of the degree of contamination of water with chemicals or even with pollen genetically modified plants.

Ill mouse babies

Italian scientists reported sick mice when fed with Monsanto's MON810 gene maize. In the stomach, spleen and blood of the animals, the researchers had found a greatly increased proportion of T and B cells. Such cells indicate inflammation or allergic reactions.

A study by the Austrian Ministry of Health had recently concluded that the feeding of GM maize in mice leads to fertility disorders. In addition, it was discovered "surprisingly" that the pollen of GM maize spread far more widely than had been assumed in any cunning model calculations.

Genetically modified plants are not suitable for human consumption and therefore do not belong in the category "food or feed". No legitimate study has ever considered it safe or nutritious. The burden of proof lies with the producers of such plants.You have to confirm the safety of the genetic plants. To date, all data has shown that these plants are not safe.

Claims that genetically modified foods could end hunger for the world have no sound basis and only fulfill alibi function. Not hunger should be satisfied worldwide, but the need of seed companies to take control of the global supply of food and feed in their own greedy hands.

(1) Bt toxin: Bt toxins are toxins that can be produced by the bacterial species Bacillus thuringiensis. They are among the proteins. Some genetic maize varieties have been implanted with the gene of this bacterial species so that they can form Bt toxins from now on. Bt toxins are (supposedly) harmless to humans, but they are not harmful to insects. U. fatal - the Bt toxin does not distinguish between harmful and beneficial insects. (2) Triglyceride levels: Triglycerides are fats that are taken with food (90% of the daily fats taken are triglycerides), but can also be produced by the organism itself. They are related to cholesterol and can - like this - lead to deposits in the blood vessels.

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  • Fears grow. Study shows that genetically modified plants cause liver and kidney damage (website as PDF)

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