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Geopathology investigates the causes and effects of pathogenic earth rays.

Geopathology - effects of earth rays on humans

Geopathology is a science that deals with the ill effects of earth rays on the human body. The basis of this science is the realization that the health-disturbing influence of water veins, earth fissures and various global gnawing nets has a negative effect if humans regularly and over a longer period of exposure to these radiation fields.

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Earth rays - a complex energy field

A complex network of energy fields covers the earth. The energy fields create a uniform field of tension between heaven and earth. Water veins, fissures, earth faults and various global grids create geomagnetic fields. Different wavelengths cause interference zones in terrestrial magnetism, which feeds the biomagnetic field of humans, animals and plants.

Animals and plants are particularly sensitive to irradiated zones. Dogs never stay long in a place that is exposed to radiation. Cats, on the other hand, love computer screens as a place of rest.

Horses and cattle, for example, become ill if they can not avoid certain fault zones in the stable. It is striking, however, that the poisons of animals, which in turn love rays, are special remedies. For example, Formic acid (in rheumatic diseases), bee venom (circulation-enhancing, in rheumatic diseases), snake venom (in all inflammatory diseases, etc.

Electrosmog - a minimized threat to our health

Electrosmog is the price for the mechanization and electrification of our lives. The artificial electric and electromagnetic fields surround us like the air; we have no way to escape them. Particularly damaging are substations, as well as transmitters of the mobile radio.

In-house cordless (DECT) phones, cell phones, microwaves but also Wireless Lan supplies for computers strain the health of people considerably.

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Causes and effects of harmful zones on health

Melatonin is the most important hormone for controlling the immune system. This substance is mostly produced at night by the pineal gland. It regulates the biorhythm and protects the cells from free radicals. Under the influence of fault zones, the function of the pineal gland is severely disturbed. As a result, melatonin formation is restricted and the immune system weakened. If the disturbance zones are not recognized as the cause of the weakened immune system, initially harmless symptoms may develop into permanent manifest diseases.

A site investigation (such as sleeping) by a skilled geopathologist is the best way to detect any existing radiation fields and thus avoid them. There are two different methods of measurement and analysis for this purpose, as earth rays (you can not eliminate them, just divert them) and electrosmog (you can divert and turn off) have different physical properties and energies.

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Disturbance zones and their effects

Water veins (underground waterways)

  • a headache
  • cramps
  • permanent tiredness, etc.

Earth columns and rock fractures

  • anxiety
  • skin diseases
  • neuropathy
  • neuralgia


  • inexplicable quarreling
  • irritability
  • discontent
  • depressions

Curry grid (network system of ray zones)

  • thyroid disease
  • kidney disease
  • paralysis
  • diabetes
  • cysts
  • cramps

10 meter grid (superposition = radiation intensive)

  • Disorders of the immune system
  • cancer susceptibility

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