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Cress - all-rounder for your health
Cress - all-rounder for your health Foods
Garden cress is that spicy-tasting greens that are mostly sprinkled over cold plates for decoration. No one thinks of cress for a remedy. Exactly that is the garden cress - both the plant and its seeds. Both can be used to treat various diseases.

Linseed Oil - The Omega 3 Powerhouse
Linseed Oil - The Omega 3 Powerhouse Foods
Linseed oil is one of those oils that is much more than just a food. For example, linseed oil is one of the best sources of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. And omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human health. However, the usual diet is low in omega-3 fatty acids, so that a corresponding deficiency is no longer one of the rarities today.

Papaya - Tropical all-rounder
Papaya - Tropical all-rounder Foods
Do you find the many black cores in papayas annoying? You should not. The small globules are an indication of the high nutritional content of this tropical power fruit. Revered by primitive peoples for their healing powers, western medicine and the cosmetics industry are also tracking down the health value of papaya.

Weissmehl makes barren, fat and addictive
Weissmehl makes barren, fat and addictive Foods
Wheat flour is naturally unhealthy and wholemeal flour is very healthy. Are you also of this opinion? On the one hand you are right, because many studies prove who prefers whole wheat flour to white flour, clearly has better chances to stay healthy and alert for as long as possible. On the other hand, there are the "evil" lectins, which are especially contained in wholemeal flour and which are said to be true horror fairies.

Spirulina algae
Spirulina algae Foods
The spirulina alga was already eaten by the Aztecs. Indigenous people still use it today. Over the last 20 years, millions of people around the world have been using Spirulina algae as a nutritional supplement. The United Nations and the World Health Organization also recommend Spirulina algae to children.

Healthy fats
Healthy fats Foods
The common belief that fats are basically bad and just fattening has led to more and more people consuming less and less fat. However, the result of the low-fat diet is surprising and should give food for thought. Share Print Download Overweight with Light Products There have never been so many overweight people as today.

7 Benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids
7 Benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids Foods
Omega-3s are old hat, you think? But it does not change that everyone needs them and everyone can benefit from omega-3 fatty acids - young or old. While for a long time you did not know exactly if omega-3 fatty acids are just a promotional bag or actually have a meaningful effect, there is now a lot of scientific evidence.

Acerola: The Vitamin C Miracle
Acerola: The Vitamin C Miracle Foods
The acerola cherry is one of the three best sources of vitamin C in the world and has an extraordinary antioxidant potential. Fresh is the acerola cherry only available in their homeland, but the valuable ingredients are also contained in fruit extracts such as acerola powder and acerola fruit juice.

AFA Algae - Dis Superfood
AFA Algae - Dis Superfood Foods
The AFA algae are characterized by their high nutrient density. Due to their unique complexity, they support both physical and mental well-being in a special way. AFA algae provide high-quality amino acids, plenty of chlorophyll and a lot of phytochemicals, which are barely contained in conventional food.

AFA algae - variety of nutrients
AFA algae - variety of nutrients Foods
The AFA algae have a remarkably high nutrient density. The polyunsaturated fatty acids, which make up 25% of the brain mass, are also in very high concentrations in the AFA algae. Therefore, the regular intake of AFA algae as a nutritional supplement is also mentally noticeable.

Alfalfa against autoimmune diseases
Alfalfa against autoimmune diseases Foods
Alfalfa is one of the most popular sprouts. They give salads the extra freshness kick, have a pleasantly mild aroma and can be easily dragged home. Their nutritional content includes almost all vitamins and minerals. Their high chlorophyll content and the phytochemicals have a detoxifying effect and can protect against inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Algae - The green super food
Algae - The green super food Foods
The three most well-known microalgae are the green Chlorella alga and the two blue-green algae Spirulina and AFA. These algae have much in common. In other respects, however, they clearly differ again. However, it is clear that these are high-grade superfoods that have a lot of benefits for the health.