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Deacidify, purify - be healthy

Deacidify, purify - be healthy

Deacidification is one of the most important steps on the way to health. How to properly deacidify the body, one believes long to know. And yet, after some acidification treatments, the results are not infrequent. The reason: Many EntsƤuringungskuren deacidify the gastrointestinal tract. But they do not deacidify the tissue and they certainly do not deacidify the cell itself. That's over now. The alkaline active water concentrate active bases deacidifies properly. It turns sick acidic cells into healthy basic cells quickly and successfully.

Deacidify and purify

Deacidification is a lifestyle today. Because deacidification is unavoidable - at least when modern living and modern eating is. Ready meals, sausage, cheese, snacks, sweets, soft drinks, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are now part of everyday life, but all acidify the organism. Similarly, environmental toxins, heavy metals and poisons from textiles or building materials acidify. Stress, bullying and strife eventually overflow the acid barrel called man. As a result, much and often, but not correctly, is deacidified.

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Deacidification - an unfulfilled dream?

Normally, a healthy body can regularly deacidify and detoxify itself - without the human being having to intervene here. Today, however, the detoxification and purification capacities of the organism are often overburdened. And so the body can often no longer neutralize on its own.

For autonomous deacidification he lacks the basic requirements of a healthy lifestyle such as exercise, sunlight, micronutrients, relaxation, water, harmony and - most importantly - a basic diet. Deacidification therefore remains an unfulfilled dream for many people and the acids and slags remain in the intercellular tissue. However, the intercellular tissue actually has the task of supplying and disposing of the cells.

One can imagine the intercellular tissue as a supermarket for the cells with attached waste disposal plant. Cells get everything they need from intercellular tissue: glucose, oxygen, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, etc.

At the same time they permanently release their waste including acids to the intercellular tissue. The intercellular tissue is thus dependent on a nimble transport mechanism. Nutrients and micronutrients must be produced and waste must be transported away.

If not deacidified, the cell suffocates

If there is acidification, the intercellular tissue is used as a reservoir for acids and slags. This causes the flow to falter. Waste can no longer be completely removed and remains lying, which aggravates the acidification and slagging.

At some point, there is hardly any room left for other waste including acids. The cells do not know what to do with their garbage and have to store it in their interior. As a result, the cell itself is now too acidic.

In a sluggish intercellular tissue, of course, at the same time, the nutrient supply is at risk. For how should nutrients and micronutrients find their way to the cells when the intercellular tissue is full of slags and acids? Not only does the cell stifle its own garbage, it also hardly receives the much needed nutrients.

The cell lives like a slum. She is hungry and surrounded by garbage. Understandable when she gets angry.


Acidification makes you sick and ugly

But slurred and over-acidified intercellular tissue, together with malnourished and acidic cells, is the prerequisite for everything we really do not want:

  • overweight
  • cellulite
  • varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Impure or gray skin
  • hair loss
  • brittle fingernails
  • joint pain
  • Dental and gum problems
  • bad eyes
  • Lack of concentration and much more

Deacidification makes you healthy and attractive

What we would like to have would be here:

  • ideal weight
  • Smooth and flawless skin
  • Healthy blood vessels
  • Full and healthy hair
  • Strong fingernails
  • Movable joints
  • Healthy teeth until old age
  • Sharp view
  • Ability to concentrate and many more positive things

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Magic word deacidifying the body

Deacidification is the magic word. This is nothing new anymore.Therefore half of the world is currently deacidifying - mostly in the following way:

  1. A base powder is used in order to provide the organism with sufficient minerals that it needs to neutralize the resulting acids and make the resulting slags ready for disposal.
  2. Base baths are used to excrete slag and acids through the skin. In addition, brush massages are performed to stimulate deacidification via the lymph.
  3. It turns the diet on a basic diet, avoid acidifying foods and preferably basic foods. Here is a list of sour and alkaline foods.
  4. It is dedicated to moderate exercise.
  5. You try to avoid stress.

If deacidification fails

Of course, these measures are already outstanding. Nevertheless, success is too often limited or even completely absent. Why? At points 2 to 5, there is nothing to complain about. They not only support effective deacidification but are also a prerequisite for preventing further unwanted acids from entering the body. But there are two serious problems that prevent deacidification.

Deacidification requires basic nutrition

Problem 1: The diet is usually only slightly changed. On the one hand, because habits are difficult to change. On the other hand, because the right information and the right motivation are missing. Ideal for getting into the right base excess diet is a special detox. With such a detoxification cure over four weeks, you can easily learn how to change your eating habits and receive a variety of suitable recipes.

Feast on basic

Find out more about the varied basic breakfast and get to know the healthy, acidifying alkaline cakes. Experiment with basic spreads, basic potato dishes and basic snacks. Immerse yourself in the basic world of crisp, healthy sprouts. And if you want to get to know the ultimate in basic lifestyles, then you should try out green smoothies.

Deacidification requires high-quality base preparations

Problem 2: However, the above-mentioned measures alone are often not enough to successfully deacidify. In many cases, they no longer manage to deacidify the organism and especially the cell interior. Therefore, a base preparation (point 1) is always prescribed for deacidification cures. And here - in the quality of the base preparation - is the reason for unsuccessful EntsƤurerungskuren hidden.

Acidification of the cell

Many base preparations often deacidify only the gastrointestinal tract, but not the tissue and not the cell itself. And so the slags and many acids remain largely in the body. The hyperacidity does not only take place in the gastrointestinal tract, where it can be relatively easily neutralized with the mentioned minerals. Hyperacidity also takes place directly in the cell - with devastating effects.

You have to know:

  • A basic (= healthy) cell is negatively charged.
  • An acidified (= sick) cell is positively charged.
  • As with iron magnets with north and south poles, it behaves with electromagnetic charges: same poles / charges repel each other, different poles / charges attract.
  • The nutrition of the cell takes place by electromagnetic means.
  • Nutrients that the cell needs are positively charged.
  • If the cell is basic = healthy = negatively charged, it can attract nutrients and thus feed and produce energy.
  • If the cell is acid = sick = positively charged, it repels nutrients, so it can no longer feed, can not produce energy, the body decays.

An acidic cell can be given as much base powder or nutrients as you want - it simply can not absorb the minerals or nutrients. Deacidification does not take place, a therapeutic success is missing.

Deacidify the cell

There is, however, a way out. The cell can now be quickly and effectively freed from its acidic rigidity and converted into a living basic state - with the alkaline active water concentrate active bases.

In addition one must know again:

  • The positive charge of an acidified cell is due to a high concentration of H+Ions.
  • Water (h2O) is a molecule and consists of 2 hydrogen atoms (2 times H) and 1 oxygen atom (1 time O), hence the name H2O.
  • Now you can also convert water into an ionic form. This requires strong electrical power, a salt and other special technological requirements. Then you get positively charged H+Ions (per molecule of water) and negatively charged OH-Ions (also per water molecule one). This is still water, but it now has a lot of electrical potential and... it's very basic.

Deacidification with active bases

The name of this water is "active bases". If you drink this water, then these H swim+- and OH-Ions in the intercellular tissue, ie in the fluid around the cells. The positively charged H+Ions are repelled by the positively charged because over acidified cell, the negatively charged OH-However, ions are attracted and can enter the cell.

Deacidify every single cell

And now the fascinating thing happens:

Part of the invading negative OH-Ions combine with the positive H+Ions (which are inside the cell) to water. The other part brings the cell into a negatively charged, ie basic state. The newly created water now flooded the accumulated garbage out of the cell, while the cell at the same time by the negative charge again attract nutrients and can also absorb, because only now - since the garbage was taken out - even room for nutrients.

The cell no longer has to live in filth and hunger. She is well looked after again and clean around her. The gloomy slum became a pretty villa quarter.

Deacidified with active bases

Active Basen is a concentrate with a pH between 10.5 and 11. Therefore, it is taken in small amounts and diluted with water.

Directions for use: Twice a day, add 25 milliliters in about 150 milliliters of water (which is a small glass) and drink about 1 hour before a meal.

A deacidification with active bases should be carried out purely prophylactically twice a year. In case of complaints more often, in order to give the cells sufficient opportunity to actually leave the acidic state of the reaction rigidity.

Learn now how to properly and successfully deacidify. We also present you four acidification treatments - the right one for every person, every condition and every everyday life. Two of them are based on active bases and are especially recommended for those people who have been acidified for a long time and finally want to find a way out:

The deacidification program

  1. Perform a 1 to 3-month deacidification program, eg. B. with basic active water concentrate (active bases). These programs allow both extracellular and intracellular deacidification. As part of a high-quality deacidification treatment - depending on the selected cure - you are accompanied by other components that accelerate and intensify the deacidification such. Basic baths, bitter substances, liquid bentonite, basic tea, etc.
  2. If you feel the daily time spent on such a complete program is too high, but you still want to deacidify, then you can opt for the simplest, yet successful deacidification method with active bases. Active Basen is a basic active water concentrate that can deacidify the body down to the cell level. In the case of deacidification with active bases, you only have to think about the use of active bases twice a day. That's all.
  3. Eat base excess - even AFTER your 1 to 3 month detoxification treatment. The cure was only the entry! Those slags that have been in your body for many years can often only be eliminated after several months of basic life. In addition, you must also consistently withdraw the always new incoming acids or those that result from mental or physical stress.
  4. If you continue to eat acidifying unhealthy food now and then, you must regularly provide your body with high quality alkaline minerals (such as a base alkaline powder, a citrate mix, or the Sango Marine Coral) to remove as many acids as possible can. Any change towards a healthy diet increases the chances of daily complete slag disposal.
  5. Include the following points (or at least some of them) in your future daily routine:
  • Start the day with a basic morning tea.
  • Use basic body care products as much as possible (see basic body care, eg the basic UrDeoĀ®, a basic shower gel, a basic shampoo, etc.)
  • Orient your diet by the references in the article Basic nutrition and diet as well as our basic recipes.
  • Those who are in a hurry in the morning, have breakfast with a quickly prepared base cereal.
  • To enrich your diet with high-quality basic substances, you can sprinkle a vegetable base powder over each meal.
  • Organic basic minerals such. For example, the Sango Marine Coral is consumed on a regular basis so that the body can finally return all the minerals it has borrowed from its mineral deposits during the depletion.
  • Relax at least two to three times a week in a base bath. If you do not have time for a full bath, you should treat yourself to basic foot baths.
  • Pay attention to deep, conscious breathing.
  • Plan moderate sports and sauna visits in your weekly routine.
  • In the evening you enjoy a basic evening tea.
  • In natural medicine, it is also assumed that you can also deacidify well on the soles and therefore recommends base stockings that are worn at night and continue to deacidify in your sleep.
  • Check your deacidification success with the Sander acid-base test.

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4-week detox treatment

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The acid-base test shows the degree of hyperacidity

Before a base therapy (deacidification), you can determine the degree of hyperacidity with the help of an acid-base test. In this way, it is much easier to assess whether and in what form deacidification is required.

While you can only measure the pH of the urine with ph-value test strips (which can still be okay if you are already heavily acidified), the acid-base test according to Sander can be used to determine how it is ordered to the deacidification capacity of the body.

The test can be bought online. The urine samples taken at home are sent to the specified laboratory. Within a few days, you will receive the results of the acid-base test by mail and e-mail. Details we have explained here: The base therapy

Your training as a holistic nutritionist

Healthy diet is your passion? You love the surplus base, natural diet? You would like to understand the connections between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? You want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about health and nutrition your profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a consultant for holistic health. If you want to know more about the distance learning at the Academy of Natural Medicine, then you will find here all the details and feedback from current and former participants.


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