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Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius

The Food Code of the Codex Alimentarius should become a consumer protection rule. Meanwhile, a variety of stakeholders have changed this project in their favor. The health of the citizen does not matter anymore. Power interests and monetary interests determine the content of this paper.

Control of health through the Codex Alimentarius

The Commission for the Codex Alimentarius is an institution under the wrong flag. Most people have never heard of her, and the rest hardly recognize the true face of this very powerful organization.

According to the official Commission website, the selfless provision of the panel is "to protect consumer health and ensure fair food trade, and to coordinate efforts by international governments and non-governmental organizations to promote food standards."

The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for "Food Code") is collectively controlled by the World Food Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The story of the Codex Alimentarius

The history of the Codex began in 1893, when Austria-Hungary decided that a special set of rules was needed to allow courts to judge food in disputes.1 The resulting collection of official regulations became known as Codex Alimentarius. He was in power until the collapse of the Dual Monarchy in 1918.

At a meeting in 1962, the United Nations decided to reintroduce the Codex "Protecting" consumer health worldwide. Two thirds of the Codex funding came from the WEO, the remaining third from the WHO.

Changes took their course

In 2002, however, the two organizations were seriously concerned about the orientation of the Codex. An external appraiser was commissioned to evaluate the performance and achievements of the regulations since 1962 and to determine the direction to be taken in the further work.2 The appraiser decided that the entire Codex should be stamped immediately.

At that time, big business intervened and began to exercise its powerful influence. The revised version of the opinion was then a mitigated request to the Commission to deal with 20 issues in the Codex.

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Profits and control mechanisms

Since 2002, the Commission has quietly relinquished its role as an international organization for public health and consumer protection for the Codex Alimentarius. Controlled by the big industry, the secret purpose of the new Codex is to increase the profits of global corporate conglomerates while gaining world domination over food through food control.

USA supports pharmaceutical interests

The United States of America is clearly the dominant country behind the Codex agenda. Their primary goal is to meet the multinational interests of pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical giants. At the recent Assembly in Geneva (June 30 to July 4, 2008), the US was chaired by the Codex Commission.3

It will further tighten our health self-determination, continue to disseminate misinformation and lies about nutrients and genetically modified organisms, and at the same time tacitly seek population control.

Other countries mistakenly believe that the US has the most advanced food safety technology available. That's one of the reasons why the Codex Commission continues to be dominated by the US: Whatever they demand, their allies (Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, and the EU) are virtually always pulling With.

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Fraudulent and deadly tool

It is no coincidence that the commission meetings are held scattered all over the world: it allows the USA to keep the Codex regulations under control, because economically less powerful countries can not participate.

The governments of many of these countries (eg Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan and Swaziland) have recognized that the Commission has been transformed from a well-meaning food control body into an illegitimate, fraudulent and deadly tool.

Health self-determination is threatened

As mass media around the world engage in day-to-day business and secretly spread fear among the people by focusing on terrorism, climate change, salmonella and food shortages, the real threats are quietly becoming reality. Soon, absolutely everything you put in your mouth (even water - but of course no pharmaceuticals!) Will be strictly regulated by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Blackmail through sanctions

The planned Codex guidelines are a serious offense against human self-determination and freedom to access clean and healthy food and nutrients. And yet they have no legitimacy worldwide. Why should we be so worried? The soon-to-be-binding standards will apply to all members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). These are currently 153 states.

Countries that do not follow the guidelines could be subject to severe economic and trade sanctions. However, you can avoid the Codex standards by implementing your own international guidelines.

Some governmental authorities, such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, have officially announced that the Code's vitamin and mineral guidelines will not be effective in their country. For example, the TGA states that

"The proposed Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements will not be applied in Australia and also no consequences on the procedures under which such products are regulated in Australia. "4

Governments want to prevent public unrest

However, in the end, nobody knows which laws are yet to be passed before the international alignment of directives through the Codex occurs. No country is safe from these regulations - no matter what government agencies do to prevent potential public disturbances from the outset. Many alternative medicine activists say that this is mainly about disguising the Codex affair until it's too late.

The new guidelines are like mass murder

Once in effect, the Codex guidelines are completely irrevocable. The early introduction was u. a. proposed for the following standards:5

  • All micro-nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) are to be considered as toxic and to be removed from all foods, as the Codex prohibits the use of nutrients for the "prevention, treatment or cure of ailments or diseases"
  • All food (including organic food) should be irradiated, removing any "toxic" nutrients (unless consumers can produce their own food on the spot). A harbinger of this policy convergence emerged in the US in August 2008 with the secret decision to bulk lettuce and spinach in the name of public health and safety. If protecting the public is the primary concern of the US Food and Drug Administration, why was the people not informed about this new practice?
  • Approved nutrients are restricted to a positive list developed by the Codex Commission. It will contain "useful" substances such as fluoride (3.8 mg per day), which is produced from industrial waste
  • Any nutrients (eg vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as zinc and magnesium) which have any beneficial effect on health are considered inappropriately effective in therapeutically effective amounts. They should be proportionally reduced so that their effect on health is negligible
  • The lower limit is set at only 15 percent of the recommended intake (RDA).6 Even with prescription, no one in the world will be able to get such nutrients in therapeutically effective amounts.

The nutrient levels potentially allowed in the Codex and found to be safe have not yet been established. Here are some examples of what is likely to come up (based on the current EU system):

  • Niacin:Upper limit of 34 ìg (micrograms) per day (the effective daily dose is between 2,000 and 3,000 ìg (micrograms)
  • vitamin C: Upper limit of 65-225 ìg (micrograms) per day (the effective daily dose is between 6,000 and 10,000 ìg (micrograms)
  • Vitamin D: Upper limit of 5 ìg (micrograms) per day (the effective daily dose is between 6,000 and 10,000 ìg (micrograms)
  • Vitamin E:Upper limit of 15 IU (international units) alpha-tocopherol per day, although alpha tocopherol is considered to be cytotoxic in itself and toxic to the human body. (The effective daily dose of mixed tocopherols is between 10,000 and 12,000 IU)
  • It will in all likelihood become inadmissible to give advice on nutrition in any form. This includes written articles in magazines or on the internet as well as verbal advice to friends, family members or anyone else. The regulation covers all forms of reporting on vitamins and minerals and nutritional advice.Such information could be considered as a hidden barrier to trade and could result in economic sanctions for that country.
  • All dairy cows worldwide must be treated with genetically modified recombinant bovine growth hormone from Monsanto.
  • All animals used for food production should be treated with strong antibiotics and exogenous growth hormones.
  • Carcinogenic and deadly organic pesticides will be allowed again in increased amounts in food. Among them are seven of the twelve most dangerous ones (eg hexachlorobenzene, toxaphene and aldrin), which were banned by 176 states - including the US - at the 2001 Stockholm Convention on Long-lived Organic Pollutants7
  • The Codex will allow hazardous and toxic levels of aflatoxin in drinking milk - 0.5 ppb (parts per billion). Aflatoxin is produced in animal feed that is moldy during storage. It is the second strongest (not related to radiation) carcinogenic substance we know.
  • The use of growth hormones and antibiotics is prescribed for all livestock, poultry and aquatic animals intended for human consumption.
  • The worldwide use of undeclared genetically modified organisms in crops, animals, fish and plants is mandatory.
  • Increased quantities of pesticide and insecticide residues toxic to humans and animals are allowed

The Plan: Population Control

Since 1995, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been following the unlawful method of replacing US food laws with international standards (the Codex), even if the standards are not yet complete.8 In addition, in 2004, the US co-founded the Central American Free Trade Agreement. It is unlawful under US law (but legal under international law) and requires the US to comply with the Codex guidelines.9

Once the guidelines are in place, there is no way to return to the old norms. However, individual states may introduce standards that are stricter than the codex.

An example of this is the dietary supplement directive of the European Union. Once the Codex is followed in any region, it is definitely irrevocable as long as one country is still a member of the WTO. There is no way to revoke, exchange or modify the policy in any way.10, 11, 12

The US is in charge

"Population control against money" - this is the easiest way to describe the new Codex Alimentarius. It is actually controlled by the US and controlled primarily by the pharmaceutical giant - with the aim of reducing the world's population from its current estimated 6.662 billion to a sustainable 500 million.

That's a reduction of almost 93 percent. Interestingly, before the arrival of Europeans in America, the population of Native Americans in the United States numbered about 60 million.13 Today it fluctuates around 500,000 - a reduction of about 92 percent as a result of a government policy of genocide, starvation and poisoning.

Population control by murder

The Codex is similar to other population control measures secretly undertaken by Western governments.

Examples include the introduction of DNA damaging and latent immunosuppressive agents into vaccines (see the bird flu and AIDS used as a weapon), the sweetener aspartame, chemtrails, chemotherapy as an anticancer agent, and RU486 (the Rockefeller-dynasty-funded abortion pill).

3 billion deaths in the next 10 years

The WEO and WHO estimate that the introduction of the Vitamins and Minerals Directive alone will require at least three billion deaths within ten years. 14 One billion people will starve to death, and two billion will die from preventable degenerative diseases caused by malnutrition. Cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes.15, 16

Selling the consumer worthless, demineralized, pesticide-contaminated and contaminated food - that is the fastest and most effective way to produce a profitable increase in malnutrition and preventable degenerative diseases, against which the most expedient approach is, of course, a toxic pharmaceutical cure. Death for profit - that's what it's about nowadays.

Profit through diseases

The pharmaceutical industry has been waiting for Codex alignment for years. An ignorant world population that degenerates more physically faster and thus increases profits, is the ultimate goal of the monstrous, secretive drivers of the corrupt trade organization, which is supposed to pay attention to consumer health.

Defend yourself with your own national standards

Dr. Rima Laibow, medical director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, has taken legal action against the US government. She fights for our health self-determination and, as a public observer, continues to attend every meeting of the Codex Commission.

She has also met with delegates from various countries to make them aware that individual countries can implement their own food standards, which are better and safer than those prescribed by the Codex.

Obviously, drafting safer standards is not a difficult task, and many states may be able to avoid the imperfect and subsequently irrevocable policies that the Commission is trying to introduce.17

How the US pushes its standards

The last Assembly of the Codex Commission in Geneva ended with interesting results. A long fading bitterness came to the fore when the US once again wanted to push through the one-page catalog of topics of pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical giants, without considering what many other countries had to say.

If the US does not want to let a state have its say, the host country of the conference will normally deny visas to the official delegates. Several states have protested against this practice and stated that, for this and other reasons, the decisions taken in their absence have no international legitimacy.

An important issue is the unwavering refusal of the United States and the Codex Commission to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as such. Japan, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, as well as practically all African countries and 26 states of the European Union have been fighting for nearly 18 years for the introduction of compulsory labeling of genetically modified organisms.

Bush - the evil of this world

The US erroneously views them as equivalent to non-manipulated organisms - a position based solely on a 1992 enactment by then-President George H. W. Bush.

Accordingly, not a single GM product undergoes any food safety testing before it is released into the US food chain. The FDA refuses to review security-related data; only a single preliminary study will be carried out in the early stages of the development of the CMO.

Opponents of the US course of not labeling GMOs conclude from all that the US does not want such labeling. There are likely to be legal consequences (such as the liability of manufacturers and the US government) if the traces of such foods can be traced back.

If millions of people are harmed or killed because the DNA promoter viruses and markerbacteria used are reacting and becoming unstable with the dynamically-variable structures of the human body, that could lead to millions of legal proceedings. However, if the traces of genetically manipulated shares are completely unrecognizable, the liability of companies or the government can also be assessed poorly.

In the end, the health of the entire population suffers. Some scientists in the FDA have repeatedly warned about the dangers of allowing genetically modified organisms into the general food supply. They were regularly ignored or overruled.

In the run-up to the Geneva Assembly, the Codex Food Labeling Committee met in Ottawa, Canada (April 28 to May 2, 2008). Several countries wishing to introduce mandatory labeling were annoyed at the end of the meeting because the empirical study prepared by the South African delegation on the dangers of such GMOs had not been objectively analyzed by the Committee.

When will humanity finally wake up?

The paper described the need for mandatory labeling but was ignored and later withdrawn on the pressure exerted by the US. As a result, several states now intend to abandon the Codex standards and introduce their own labeling system for GMOs in order to limit the spread of "deadly" foods. The whole thing became a real dilemma for the WEO and the WHO.

According to Dr. Laibow, the two organizations have finally intervened at the last meeting in Geneva and have decided to set up a program to identify poor food contamination with GMOs.

What exactly is meant by "weak pollution" still depends on the norms of the individual countries. For example, the United States currently allows bioproduct contamination levels of up to 10 percent with genetically modified organisms - higher than any other Codex member state. These products may then, surprisingly, still carry the US Department of Agriculture's "Organic Food Certificate" [USDA Certified Organic]. Some governments, such as the European Union, allow only 0.9 percent pollution, while others allow only 0.1 percent.

The fact that the WHO and the WEO use the term "contamination", however, shows that this is not simply an admixture of genetically modified organisms in normal foods. The term is remarkable because studies of the dangers posed by genetically modified organisms can no longer be denied.

Of course, the US vehemently objected to such a name, but this time in vain.

Although WHO and WEO have not yet gone so far as to require compulsory labeling of genetically modified organisms, their recognition of the potential for contamination of food is a major asset to health self-determination.

To take this recognition into a mandatory labeling scheme is the next logical step, but there is still a lot to be done.

Proceed against the Codex!

The only way to avert the "death versus profit" plan is to fight back and pass on the knowledge about it to everyone you know. Whether our fellow human beings are still asleep or dazed by the routine of life, or too busy to pay attention, now is the time to wake up.

The US government and its supporting media have been trying to distract the world while secretly adopting all the monstrous policies.

It's time to act. You can do that by visiting the website of Dr. Ing. Visit the Rath Foundation and follow the latest changes to the Codex.

It is very important that action is now taken quickly and with publicity. Times change very fast, and if we do not get together, we'll probably have to settle for the idea of ​​growing our own food in the near future to avoid a calculated extermination.


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