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Unhealthy diet - the top 9 foods

Unhealthy diet - the top 9 foods

There are healthy, less healthy and clearly unhealthy foods. If you prefer the healthy ones and only eat something from the less healthy ones, you are already on the right track. The clearly unhealthy foods, however, should be left in principle. Now skip the nine unhealthiest foods from your diet. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you will automatically lose superfluous weight.

The black list of the unhealthiest foods

Today, this is considered unhealthy and tomorrow it is. And it is not uncommon to say that what was unhealthy yesterday was suddenly extremely healthy or vice versa. Do not get confused anymore. And above all, do not let yourself be fooled that you - to be able to experience pleasure - "sin", so eat unhealthy products.

True enjoyment is only possible with foods that give your body strength and energy and not with industrial creations that burden and weaken your organism.

The supposed pleasure that we feel when eating some unhealthy foods is simply the satisfaction of an addiction - much like the happiness of a smoker with the pulmonary tract or the bliss of an alcoholic in the expectation of his next intoxication.

But there are also unhealthy foods that basically do not even taste overly good. They are only eaten because advertising strategists say they are healthy (eg, protein bars), which they are not at a closer look. The victim of a horrible taste is therefore brought in vain.

The reward is not the great health, not stunning beauty, but rather the opposite...

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The nine unhealthiest foods

So while there are foods that can have health benefits (eggs, meat, whole grains, etc.) in spite of their drawbacks, there are nine foods that only have disadvantages - except for the manufacturer, which of course they bring a few advantages.

The following hit list of the nine healthiest foods you should memorize. And if you have an increased interest in staying healthy, then you should never eat these foods again:

1. White flour and white flour products

White flour, white bread, pasta made from white flour, biscuits made from white flour, etc. are completely free of vitamins and also almost free of minerals. At the same time they are quite energetic, so high in calories. Therefore, one speaks of empty calories in this context. They fill our stomach without supplying us with the much needed micronutrients.

At the same time, our body needs vitamins and minerals to digest and metabolize white flour products. Since the white flour products do not deliver these, the required micronutrients must be stolen from the body's own supplies, which can - depending on the other diet - in the long term, create a deficiency situation.

White flour also comes in most cases from gluten-containing cereals, preferably from wheat. However, gluten has many negative effects on our health, not least the gut, but also our mental capacity.

Details about wheat and gluten can be read here:

  • Gluten obscures the senses
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  • Folk drugs milk and wheat
  • Flour

Lastly, white flour is a concentrated carbohydrate that is converted into nothing but pure sugar in the body. This circumstance puts massive pressure on the pancreas, as it repeatedly releases high levels of insulin to deliver the sugar into the cells and lower blood sugar levels. Diabetes could be the result.

There are also frequent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, on the one hand with high levels and then again with under sugar phases. However, blood sugar fluctuations are considered to be a cause of hunger cravings, overweight, acne, hormonal imbalances and much more.

So instead of white flour, always choose whole wheat flour, ideally freshly ground. Prefer spelled instead of wheat and try more gluten-free side dishes more often.Practical tips on gluten-free nutrition can be found here: Gluten-free living

Gluten-free foods

2. White rice

The white rice is almost pure, so isolated and concentrated carbohydrates, where a large part of the valuable micronutrients was removed during peeling of the rice grain. The metabolism of the white rice therefore has similar problems to those described in white flour.

Whole grain rice varieties are the smarter choice in any case. Brown rice provides minerals, vitamins and a balanced blood sugar level.

3. Conventional ready meals

Most commercial finished products contain a variety of additives and ingredients that would not even need the same dish if you made it fresh. This is completely normal. After all, ready meals must look good over a long period of time and have a long shelf life.

At the same time, industrial convenience foods are usually not made from those high-quality raw materials that you might use if you were to cook the same dish fresh. You're sure to buy fresh potatoes for a potato dish, not potato flour, and for desserts, you'll need fresh eggs, not liquid eggs.

Even industrially processed and hardened oils and fats will not be used in your kitchen because you naturally want to avoid trans fat. Instead, take high-quality and cold-pressed olive oil, linseed oil and coconut oil from organic production. However, oils and fats of this kind do not exist in conventional ready meals.

Of course, you also know that cooking and warming up foods is not necessarily ideal for their vital substance potential. However, ready meals are usually pre-cooked, so they only have to be warmed up quickly.

Traditional ready meals are therefore not for the healthy kitchen. Prepare your own meals using fresh ingredients. If necessary - for days when things need to be done quickly - choose high-quality ready meals or semi-prepared meals from the organic trade.

Details on this topic can be found here: Quality of prepared meals

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4. Microwave popcorn

This fast food product is considered by movie fans and other sweet-toothed cats to be one of the most popular snack foods - making microwave popcorn one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. Virtually every component of microwave popcorn, from possibly genetically modified corn and its high carbohydrate content to processed salt (salty popcorn), high sugar or sweetener content (in sweet popcorn) to preservatives, is harmful to your health and increases your risk of disease, What's more, such popcorn contains an aromatizing chemical called diacetyl that can attack your lungs.

If you like eating popcorn from time to time, it's best to go back to organic corn, which you can turn into popcorn in the pan at home, and then add some healthy ingredients such as coconut oil and organic butter to this popcorn and natural salt.

Details on this topic can be found here: Microwave popcorn

5. Sausage and meat products with nitrites

Cold cuts, dry sausages, hot dogs, bacon and many other types of meat and sausages you can find in the supermarket often contain large amounts of sodium nitrite and other chemical preservatives that can cause heart disease and cancer. If you want to eat meat, then stick to uncooked meat that is free of nitrites. It would be best in this case, if you could also rely on meat products from organic farms (grass feeding).

6. Seitan

Seitan is another term for gluten. Seitan is pure gluten, which is made from white flour by removing the starch from it and ultimately leaving only the gluten. Seitan is often used for the production of meat substitute products, eg. As to vegetarian goulash, vegetarian cold cuts, vegetarian sausages, etc. The disadvantages of Seitans you have already seen above in point 1.

If you buy vegetarian meat substitute products, then you better choose from lupine protein, vegetables or organic tofu.

7. Traditional protein and energy bars

Given the way energy and protein bars are widely advertised, one could almost think that these products are great additions to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, these bars contain nothing more natural in most cases. They consist mainly of industrially processed soya or milk proteins, refined sugars, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats (trans fats), artificial flavors and other harmful additives, all of which can contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

Therefore, better upgrade to energy bars or energy balls from the organic trade.These consist in most cases preferably of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and nothing else. Bars of this kind can also be made very well by yourself. And if you think you need an extra dose of protein, then mix in your homemade protein bars something organic and purely plant rice protein or hemp protein or even the basic lupine protein - and you're all supplied with high-quality protein.

You can find more details here:

  • Rice protein for healthy muscle growth
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  • Basic lupine protein

8. Traditional sweets

Similar to the protein bars, it behaves in all conventional sweets. In sweets, there is nothing in it, apart from one or the other nut, that could even come close to being useful or healthy to us.

The content list of a popular tie might look something like this:

Sugar, peanuts, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sunflower oil, lactose, butterfat, vegetable fat, whey powder, salt, emulsifier soya lecithin, protein powder, vanilla extract, hydrolyzed milk protein.

So we have isolated carbohydrates (sugar, syrup, milk sugar), industrially processed proteins, most likely lecithin from genetically modified soybeans and fats, which were heavily processed for production reasons, after which a certain amount of trans fats formed. Who would want to eat something like that?

If you look at this candy bar, you'll find that it weighs just over 60 grams and has a good 500 calories - about as much as a sumptuous but healthy breakfast. While the breakfast will fill you up for the next few hours and provide you with everything you need for half a day, the bar brings you nothing but harmful substances and substances that are harmful to your body, as well as a hot-hunger attack within an hour.

Traditional sweets are so unhealthy. But that does not mean that you should not enjoy sweets anymore. No way! It is about choosing your sweets carefully (in organic trade) or making them yourself from high quality ingredients in the future. For example, healthy chocolate made from cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey (or other harmless sweetener), some vanilla and, if desired, nuts are made within half an hour. Ideas for healthy bars and cakes can be found, for example. B. here: Basic cake

About the effects of sugar, which is a major ingredient in traditional sweets, you will find all the details in the following articles. There you will also find tips for quitting sugar and candy addiction:

  • Sugar effects on the body
  • Is sugar poison?
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  • Exit from sugar addiction
  • sugar lexicon

9. Soft drinks

Soft drinks contain either sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes or glucose-fructose syrup (see Cancer loves sugar). In addition, they are - depending on the variety - full of artificial flavors and stimulating caffeine. With the contained phosphoric acid, they also damage first the teeth and then the acid-base balance and thus your entire organism.

Details about soft drinks can be found here:

  • Toxic soft drinks
  • Premature births through soft drinks

Also read: Unhealthy diet lowers the intelligence of children

Change your life! Now!

If you just replace your daily amount of soft drink with still water, you can experience a noticeable improvement in your condition, as this will save your body a lot of harmful substances and instead, it will suddenly have plenty of water to flush out Can use poisons and slags. Of course, the still water does not taste good for you. That does not matter. Stay with us! After a few days, you have changed hands - and when you go back to the coke or the apple spritzer, you suddenly realize that this does not do you any good.

If you then gradually reduce the remaining eight unhealthy foods or banish them from your diet and at the same time eat more and more of the really healthiest foods, you'll be amazed how your life will suddenly change :-).

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Nutritional Counseling - So that healthy eating is easy

Sometimes you do not make it, the nutrition change actually go through. You will relapse again, eat too much sweets, too many snacks, too many pastry and pasta and far too few vegetables. Perhaps because colleagues eat so unhealthily, which is contagious or the family does not feel like a healthy diet.

In this case, dietary advice is a very good idea.Because the nutritionist will not only provide you with a suitable nutrition plan and help you with words and deeds, but will also motivate you to no longer be influenced by your environment and to be dissuaded from your good intentions.

After some time - as you become leaner and more active and your new diets get better and better - you will suddenly be influenced by others and become more and more interested in your healthy diet. Because actually unhealthy diet is really no longer hip. Here is how you can find the right dietary advice for you: Nutritional advice - Find the right dietitian

Your training as a holistic nutritionist

Healthy diet is your passion? You love the surplus base, natural diet? You would like to understand the connections between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? You want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about health and nutrition your profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a consultant for holistic health. If you want to know more about the distance learning at the Academy of Natural Medicine, then you will find here all the details and feedback from current and former participants.


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