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A constantly recurring tonsillitis permanently burdens the entire organ system and leads to a variety of sequelae symptoms. However, before you let yourself or your child remove the almonds, always get a second opinion.

Chronic tonsillitis

In the area of ​​the passage from the mouth to the pharynx there are the defense centers against germs, tonsils (tonsils). The tonsils are an important part of our immune system and 80% of our immune system is anchored in the intestine. For this reason, a gut renovation in an existing tonsillitis - particularly when this inflammation occurs more frequently - a basic measure to support the immune system and thus to Wiederhestellung the health equilibrium.

Acute tonsillitis (also: tonsillitis) is an inflammation of the palatine tonsils, which is mainly caused by certain bacteria, the streptococci.

The typical features

Typical features of an tonsillitis are heavy dysphagia and a significantly disturbed general condition, often accompanied by usually high fever. The tonsils - tonsils - are inflammatory swollen and crimson. Often the lymph nodes in the jaw angle are also painfully swollen.

A common acute tonsillitis may develop into chronic tonsillitis. In chronic tonsillitis is a kind of "chronic inflammation" of almond tissue. This constant source of inflammation can lead to various sequelae on other organs - such as the heart.

For this reason, the cause of chronic tonsillitis should always be investigated and treated with all available naturopathic measures.

Almonds are a very important part of the immune system. Therefore, before taking the tonsils, an alternative opinion of an accomplished holistic therapist should be sought.

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