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Titanium Dioxide - A substance you should avoid

Titanium Dioxide - A substance you should avoid

Titanium dioxide is a widely used additive in cosmetics, medicines and some foods. Again and again, the substance came into conversation, because it could hold as a nanoparticle a certain potential for danger. In January 2017, a new study was published, which confirms exactly that: titanium dioxide appears to be stored in the body to weaken the immune system and cause cancer - even in that very small daily dose of the toothpaste, the blood pressure pill, the magnesium tablet or the caudge.

Titanium dioxide - the white pigment

z. B. is used in the following products for whitening:

  • Dragees, chewing gums, and cough sweets: Everywhere where bright shiny or smooth coatings are visible
  • Medicines: Tablets that have smooth coatings
  • Sweets, chocolate, biscuits
  • Cheese and light sauces
  • Dietary supplements, eg. As magnesium or calcium tablets
  • Toothpastes, sunscreens and other cosmetics: In sunscreens, the tiny titanium dioxide particles serve as so-called mineral sunscreen filters, which reflect UV radiation, so that they can not harm the skin.
  • Oil paints and white wall paints: As a white pigment, titanium dioxide has unusually high coverage and excellent lightening power
  • and many more products, such as paints, plastics, textiles, etc.

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Titanium dioxide: E171 and CI 77891

For medicines and dietary supplements, "titanium dioxide" is usually given on the package or in the leaflet. In the food sector, however, the list of ingredients does not necessarily include titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is often declared as E171, in cosmetics with the abbreviation CI 77891 and in the color range with PW6 for Pigment White 6.

It is estimated that five to ten percent by weight of the titanium dioxide particles in the E171 should be nano-sized, ie less than 100 nanometers (nm). Of this, a large part is to be eliminated again. But another part is distributed in the body.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are particularly dangerous

Nanoparticles have different properties than the same substance in a larger particle size and now have a much higher biological activity due to their increased surface area and thus a more intensive effect on the consumer. But this could harbor unforeseen dangers for humans and the environment, as nano-critics have pointed out for years.

Thus, for example, nanoparticles may be used externally u. U. enter the body via the skin or mucous membrane. Even brushing your teeth for a while could be enough to get a dose of titanium dioxide daily. As far as sunscreen products are concerned, we have already explained that particulates below 100 nm in size could pose a risk: Sunscreen: healthy or risky

As early as 2010, Swiss and French scientists discovered that nano-titanium dioxide can initiate similar processes in human cells as other highly toxic substances. Asbestos - as Amir Yazdi of the University of Lausanne in the journal PNAS, Both substances trigger inflammatory reactions and lead to a high level of oxidative stress, which can damage both tissue and the genetic material (DNA).

It is possible that the nanoparticles, which have been used more and more frequently for several years now, could therefore contribute to the ever increasing number of chronic lung patients.

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Titanium dioxide - non-toxic or harmful

Nevertheless, it can be read almost everywhere that titanium dioxide is non-toxic and excreted unchanged.

Another study again refutes this view. Researcher from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) report in Scientific Reports Journal (January 2017) found that oral titanium dioxide initially produced benign tumors that could develop into malignant tumors.

For 100 days, they mixed titanium dioxide into drinking water for rats - in the doses that people consume daily in food and cosmetic products.

Titanium dioxide accumulates in the body

Earlier studies by the International Agency for Research on Cancer had shown that the inhalation of titanium dioxide was carcinogenic. Because the particles can get into the bloodstream through the lungs and into the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the heart and even into the brain via the lungs.

Even four weeks after inhalation, the nanoparticles were still present in the same amounts in the organs as on the first day, which suggests that the substance accumulates in the body and can not be easily discharged.


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Titanium dioxide damages the intestine and weakens the immune system

However, the current study is the first to address the cancer potential of the substance in oral intake. In it, the researchers found that titanium dioxide is absorbed by the intestine and absorbed into the bloodstream. With the blood, the substance now reaches all parts of the body. Precursors of cancer first develop in the intestine after regular intake of titanium dioxide. At the same time, the substance weakens the immune system, so that it is also much more susceptible to all other diseases.

The regular intake of titanium dioxide is associated with an increased risk of chronic inflammatory bowel processes and carcinogenesis. Already after one week, the titanium dioxide could be detected in the immune cells of the intestinal mucosa. The number of special immune cells (the regulatory T cells) that normally fight inflammation was noticeably reduced after a short time. After 100 days not only a clear inflammation of the intestinal mucosa was recognizable, but also first preneoplastic lesions (precursors).

The researchers point out that due to these properties and effects, when taken regularly in the diet, titanium dioxide may not only increase susceptibility to colorectal cancer but may also increase certain autoimmune diseases. As a result, the French government ordered an immediate investigation into the safety of E171.

Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation and promotes leaky gut syndrome

In July 2017, the results of the French researchers were reviewed by a team of Gerhard Rogler, Gastroenterologist at the University Hospital Zurich, confirmed. In the journal Good The researchers wrote that titanium dioxide accumulates in intestinal mucosal cells, causing inflammatory processes, contributing to the increased release of free radicals in the intestine and, as a result, causing or aggravating the Leaky Gut Syndrome. Also, one could find a higher concentration of the substance in the spleen, where he seems to be particularly happy to store.

When examining blood samples taken from patients with ulcerative colitis, there was initially no apparent titania. It was not until blood was sampled again during a push that it detected elevated titania levels.

The scientists therefore suspect that titanium dioxide could cause a boost in people with inflammatory bowel disease. Of course, according to Rogler, the ultimate evidence is still outstanding. He nevertheless advises the appropriate patient to avoid foods containing titanium dioxide.

Better avoid titanium dioxide

Those who do not want to wait until the final proof should (in our opinion) - even if they do not have a chronic inflammatory bowel disease - better avoid titanium dioxide. In the vast majority of cases, foods containing titanium dioxide are not among the healthy and recommended foods anyway, so that ultimately you can only make a profit from this measure.

So check the ingredient list of your foods, medicines, dietary supplements, sweets, chewing gums, and cosmetics, and then replace those containing titanium dioxide with safe alternatives. In the case of medicines, ask your doctor to prescribe you a preparation without titanium dioxide.

It is also mandatory in the EU to label products with nanotechnology. In Switzerland, consumer protection associations are also calling for this measure. From May 2017, it should also be here, but there are transitional periods of four years, so that one can rely on the labeling obligation from 2021.

However, titanium dioxide is always declared - either as titanium dioxide, as E171 or CI 77891. Therefore, always look for the ingredients list of your food, supplements, medicines and cosmetics.

How to strengthen and support the body's detoxification capabilities to re-release possibly stored titanium dioxide, read: The holistic detoxification

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