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Neural therapy

neural therapy

Neural therapy is used for painful conditions such as migraine, chronic pain in the lumbar region (lumbago) or knee problems (eg meniscus). It is one of the recognized natural remedies that health practitioners and doctors perform equally. The therapist injects the patient with analgesics (local anesthetics eg procaine, but also homeopathic remedies) in so-called interfering fields (eg scars) or directly into the painful area, thus trying to find the cause of the chronic pain to fix.

The Neural Therapy - A Regulation or Reconciliation Therapy

Neural therapy is a therapy that works through the autonomic nervous system. It goes back to a discovery of the brothers Ferdinand and Walter Huneke.

Neural therapy is a targeted injection therapy that eliminates irritation of the autonomic nervous system by injecting painkillers, the so-called local anesthetics, or other medications.

Not only are they able to eliminate pain or discomfort, they also restore the conductivity of nerve tracts damaged by injury, infection, poisoning and the like. v. m. were damaged.

Due to the stimulus of the drug, the neural therapy coordinates the interaction between nerve impulses, organs, muscles, connective tissue, etc... This results in different possibilities of the approach in neural therapy.

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1. Local therapy

The local therapy is injected directly into the pain point

2nd segment therapy

It is used when either the local therapy is insufficient or the painful area can not or should not be reached with the injection needle.

Each organ of the human body is - via common connections to the spinal cord roots - a defined skin area assigned - the so-called Head's zones. Therefore, a targeted stimulus on the skin or directly at the nerve root not only these react themselves, but also other associated organs.

An injection is injected into the skin in the affected head zones in such a way that small swelling develops, the so-called wheals. This injection reverses the blockage that led to the disease and activates the function of the metabolism

In chronic diseases, the cause is often not in the diseased organ area, but in an interference field at another point of the body. Chronic inflammation of the sinuses, almonds or internal organs, quiescent abscesses, dead teeth as well as any scar are considered as interference fields. These disturbing fields cause permanent stimuli with different intensity and load.

They first affect the immediate environment of the interference field before they burden the entire organism.

For the patient, the external interference fields are often a major problem because they can not be brought into direct connection with the symptoms.

Neural therapy can be used successfully in all acute, chronic and degenerative diseases - even in conditions that are closely related to the autonomic nervous system.

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