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Mass Diagnoses by Psychiatry Manual

Mass Diagnoses by Psychiatry Manual

The fifth edition of the Psychiatric Manual Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) was published in May 2013. New in this is that increasingly normal human states of mind and feelings are referred to as mental disorders, which must then be treated urgently. It is no longer particularly difficult to describe any person as mentally ill and to prescribe the appropriate psychotropic drugs.

Is almost everyone mentally ill?

Are you worried about possible financial problems? Are you afraid of your approaching divorce? Do you suffer from work or school overload? You are depressed because you suffer from chronic pain? You are mourning the loss of a loved one? Does she get a hunger attack about once a week? Well, then you are a case for the psychiatrist and should urgently prescribe psychotropic drugs.

Do you disagree and do not think that everyday fears need to be treated psychologically because of financial distress, family stress or unfavorable working conditions?

Unfortunately that shows that you are not up to date. Whereas so far only anxiety disorders without specific cause have led to the diagnosis of "Generalized Anxiety Disorder", nowadays you too are a generalized anxiety disorder with the above-mentioned everyday fears - at least if you should fall into the hands of a psychiatrist who is the new edition of the psychiatric manual DSM-V has read.

Even depression due to grief or chronic pain can lead in the future to a serious diagnosis of depression and psychiatric care, so requiring drug treatment with psychotropic drugs. Likewise, once a week there are cravings for hunger that you can now join the circle of eating disorders.

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Psychiatrist Handbook Boosts Psychiatry Practices

The manuscripts for the well-known as "Psychiatrist Bible" work were by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and subsequently published in May 2013 in the fifth edition of the DSM.

If psychiatrists and psychotherapists really want to follow the diagnostic guidelines outlined therein and then treat all normal human behaviors with psychotropic drugs, we will soon have turned into a company of pills-swallowing zombies.

For while a large part of the fifty-plus generation has long been on the drip of the pharmaceutical industry and regularly swallowed the typical medication for the elderly (antihypertensives, blood sugar medicines, blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering etc.), there are still many people in the younger population who have not been in need of treatment were. This can now be changed very quickly with the help of the Psychiatry Manual.

ADHD is out, DMDD is in

Thus, children who occasionally tend to childish tantrums, but then again depressed and withdrawn, according to the new edition of the Psychiatry Manual lately possibly on the so-called. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder DMDD, This "severe mood disorder" did not exist yet.

Of course, there were children who had tantrums and children who had periods of retreat. Only one was not sure in which drawer you should push.

So they received an ADHD diagnosis (with concomitant depression) from the one therapist, from the next the diagnosis "bipolar disorder" and from the next but simply a disturbed social behavior attests.

Now, after DMDD is invented, it's no longer a problem, and children who get tantrums can finally be pushed into their own diagnostic drawer - even if their tantrums may not be due to a mental disorder, So they are actually very healthy.

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Psychiatrists invent diseases

So it's not about looking at children and their problems individually and - if necessary - treating them individually. It is more likely to simplify the work of the psychiatrist, namely to categorize children and then to provide them with a therapy that has been provided for all children in this category.

However, DMDD is a bit controversial.Normally, mental disorders should be researched for many years before they can be included in the psychiatric manual. Also, many hundreds of studies are required - but only if everything is right. Astonishingly, with DMDD, this common process has been severely curtailed.

According to Dr. Allen Frances, psychiatrist and one of the greatest DSM critics, who has even worked on the creation of the previous, ie fourth edition and therefore has considerable insider knowledge, there is only a single six-year DMDD study.

However, this apparently did not prevent anyone from including the newly invented disease in the infamous psychiatrist's handbook.

New children's fashion disease DMDD?

Dr. Frances suspects that DMDD will be the next fashion disease among children after ADHD, Asperger syndrome and bipolar disorder. He predicts that, with all the newly invented diseases, there will be more children in the future who are being mistreated, who are receiving far too many medications, or who are in fact not ill at all and who are being treated - just because they dare and to be angry and sometimes sad...

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Psychiatrist Calls Colleagues to Ignore Psychiatrist Manual

Dr. Frances therefore calls on his colleagues to completely ignore the DSM-V. It was "extremely poor" as a policy manual and contained a whole series of changes that were "profoundly inaccurate and scientifically dishonest".

To these changes, he writes in Psychology TodayFor example, all those "fashion diagnoses" that have no relation to reality count. Dr. Frances also criticizes the motives behind the publication of the DSM-V, which are highly questionable given the "financial conflicts of interest" between the authors of the plant and the pharmaceutical industry.

Psychiatry as a big business

All in all, it can be stated that the psychiatry manual DSM-V is a scientific disaster.

But this fits in perfectly with the profession of the psychiatrist, insider Dr. med. Tana Dineen in her book Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People is called a "big business".

She writes that it is "no longer necessary to speak of psychiatry as a science".

Taking the hair-raising changes in the psychiatry manual DSM-V as a benchmark, such statements appear to be the correct assessment of this clearly exploitative industry.

Dineen, a first-hand psychologist who reports on psychiatric corruption, speaks of an industry that tends to "break up any life into a myriad of abuses, dependencies, and traumas" - while as a patient you're looking for real healing ( if you are sick at all) all too often hopes in vain.

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