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Bentonite for the skin
Bentonite for the skin Info center
Bentonite is a healing clay with extraordinary power. Bentonite can release toxins from the body and help to activate the self-healing powers of the organism. Therefore, bentonite is usually an important component of bowel cleansing programs. Bentonite, however, can also be used as a face mask or care pack to stimulate detoxification through the skin.

Spicy flatbread
Spicy flatbread Info center
A spicy flatbread for the friends of Ayurvedic cuisine. With fine spices, this bread is the ideal accompaniment to chutneys, dal or soups. Share Print Download Ingredients and preparation "Spicy flatbread" Ingredients for 10 pieces: 200 g wholemeal spelled flour 200 g chickpea flour 150 ml lukewarm water 3 tablespoons ghee 2 tsp corns ground 1 teaspoon cumin ground 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon crystal salt Method: Place the flours with the spices in a large bowl and mix together.

Plum-nut smoothie
Plum-nut smoothie Info center
The best known effect of plums is that they strongly stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and thus counteract constipation. But plums also have a draining and pollutant binding effect. Responsible for this are some phytochemicals contained in the plant fibers such.

Cat's Claw (Una de Gato)
Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) Info center
If you want to prevent cancer, then you should know about the plant cat's claw (Una de Gato). There is more and more knowledge about the cat's claw around the world, as more and more the fact of its natural healing power prevails as known. Share Print Download Cat's Claw Against Cancer Here's a compilation of meaningful quotes about "Una de Gato" and cancer, as documented in the best health books ever written: Cat's Claw helps reduce the proportion of T lymphocytes and cancer to increase macrophage production, to tone the blood, and it can also be used as a versatile infectious agent.

Dream job nutritionist
Dream job nutritionist Info center
(InN) The role of nutritionist is a dream job! After all, if you like to be healthy and are interested in everything to do with holistic health, you surely would like to go one step further and turn this passion into a profession. But where is the best place to complete the training to become a nutritionist?

Dream Job Nutritionist
Dream Job Nutritionist Info center
(Academy of Natural Medicine) - A distance learning holistic nutritionist opens you unimagined ways. The path to freedom can also be there. Even the study itself is free of restrictions. You study when and where you like it. You ask questions online or communicate online with your fellow students.

Imprint Info center
Neosmart Share Print Download Neosmart Consulting AG Lidostr. 6 CH-6006 Lucerne Commercial Register: Canton of Lucerne Commercial Register Number: CHE-110.353.096 You can contact us by e-mail [info (at) caloriehealthy ] or via the following link: http: //

Kuzu Info center
Kuzu is a wild wine from Asia. In traditional Japanese medicine, Kuzu has always been used as a medicinal plant for various health problems. Share Kuzu - a medicinal plant from the mountains of Japan Kuzu (Pueraria lobata, sometimes also Kudzu written) is a powerful climber with up to twelve-meter-long tendrils and beautiful fragrant flowers.

Phytonutrients Info center
In plants, in addition to minerals and vitamins, many other effective substances. Each substance fulfills a special function. Therefore, the knowledge and familiarity with the individual substances provides a good insight into their combinatorial and physiological modes of action. Share Print Download Overview of plant ingredients Here we present you in alphabetical order the top 16 ingredients of plants: effective nature Sango Marine Coral Minerals⟩ Calcium Shop now effective nature Vitamin B12 capsules Vitamins⟩ Vitamin B Shop now 1.

Pine bark in psoriasis and hypertension
Pine bark in psoriasis and hypertension Info center
The extract of the pine bark can be used to treat various diseases.These include psoriasis and high blood pressure as well as hemorrhoids and blood sugar problems. Thus, the pine bark extract or similar means an interesting alternative to various drugs with some dangerous side effects.

Sango Marine Coral Mineral wonder in perfection
Sango Marine Coral Mineral wonder in perfection Info center
In addition to more than 70 trace elements, Sango Marine Coral supplies calcium and magnesium in particular - two basic minerals that are known to have extremely positive effects on our health. They protect us from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stress and brittle bones. With the abundance of mineral preparations on the market, however, one often wonders which one may be the best.