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Healthy diet protects against intermittent claudication

Healthy diet protects against intermittent claudication

Who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, affects his health very well known. A study found that a high-fruit and vegetable diet can even protect against peripheral arterial disease, a vascular disease associated with narrowing or even occlusion of the leg arteries. One also speaks of the intermittent clitoris, because those affected can not walk long distances anymore and therefore have to stop again and again - as in a window shopping.

Fruits and vegetables prevent peripheral arterial disease

Just three fruit and vegetable portions per day can significantly reduce the risk of peripheral arterial occlusive disease, as shown by a study published on May 18, 2017 in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology was published, a magazine of the American Heart Association.

At peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) the arteries of legs (sometimes also arms) narrow. The blood flow into the muscles is reduced, so that walking is difficult or even quite painful. 10 percent of all people over the age of 50 are affected by the PAD. The higher the age, the more often the problem occurs.

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Peripheral arterial disease: Particularly common in smokers and ex-smokers

Smokers are more often affected by PAD, so that they speak of the so-called smoker's leg when the disease occurs. In the course of PAOD occasionally a leg has to be amputated. This is the case when the leg is simply no longer adequately perfused and eventually risks becoming dehydrated, leading to severe blood poisoning and death.

Vascular diseases less common among fruit and vegetable lovers

If there were therefore effective preventive measures, you could save yourself enormous health problems in old age. Earlier research has shown that people who do not enjoy eating fruits and vegetables more often suffer from vascular disease (which includes coronary heart disease and stroke) as a fruit and vegetable lover.

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Few fruits and vegetables: High PAD risk

In contrast to the PAD, there were rather fewer data in this regard, which should now change the above-mentioned study. In it, the data of 3.7 million people were evaluated:

  • Persons who consumed three or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day had an 18% lower PAD risk than those who consumed less fruit and vegetables.
  • Especially for people who smoked or used to smoke, high fruit and vegetable consumption could lower the risk of PAOD. But even for people who never smoked, the protective effect of a diet made from a lot of fruit and vegetables.
  • Overall, it was found that 6.3 percent of people suffered from PAD. More than 70 percent of those affected ate less than 3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Simple preventive measure against PAD: eat more fruits and vegetables!

Our study shows people that something as simple as eating more fruit and vegetables has a huge impact on the likelihood of becoming ill with PAOD in old age, "says Dr. Jeffrey Berger, study author and professor of medicine and surgery of the New York University School of Medicine in New York City.

The protective effect of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables on the risk of PAD was also shown when other risk factors were taken into account, such as the typical cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, obesity, physical activity, hypertension, etc.).

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Holistic measures to improve vascular health

The causes of PAOD are the same, which also lead to atherosclerosis, as it is present in 95 percent of all PAD patients. The causes of arteriosclerosis are now u. a. in-house poor blood vessel health, suboptimal blood quality (high blood lipid levels, high blood glucose levels and slow blood flow velocity), high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise, lack of vital nutrients, chronic hyperacidity, poor intestinal health and so on. a.

How these factors can be alleviated with the help of holistic measures can be read here: lowering cholesterol naturally

Further interesting tips for your vascular health can be found here:

  • Peanuts improve vascular health
  • Red cabbage microgreens for the vessels

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