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Health Guarantee: One fasting day per week

Health Guarantee: One fasting day per week

Fasting means not eating and is considered a blessed way to finally give your life the longed-for turn. Fasting clears the mind, fasting heals and fasting makes kilos melt. Normally fasting is done for several days. Because many positive fasting effects only become apparent in the course of a longer Lent. But did you know that only one fasting day per week can produce amazing effects? Read five wonderful reasons for a fasting day per week with us.

Fasting for health

If you fast, you generally do not eat solid food, but you drink a lot of water for it. But there are very different fasting methods. In some, you only drink water and take to detoxification healing clay and psyllium husks to himself. Others also drink juices and vegetable broth.

Most of the time during a fasting cure, it is also removed (for complete defecation) as well as for vigorous exercise and also for relaxation.

The typical Lent is in spring, namely, when you want to get rid of winter slag and the spring fatigue. Fasting is usually a few days to two weeks long. The remainder of the year is dedicated to the slag accumulation again - so that the fasting cure makes sense again next year ;-)

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Fasting helps body and mind

Here is how healing fasting works in concrete terms, what happens in the body (and also in the mind) and what health effects the fasting has. Here, read: Therapeutic Fasting - A Path to Healing. There you will find not only a number of testimonials but also instructions for fasting Buchinger as well as many tips and tricks for fasting.

However, you may not want to fast just once or twice a year, but you want to give your body the long-term health benefits of fasting. Then you could practice intermittent fasting:

Permanently fast with intermittent fasting

Who wants to give his body the benefits of fasting permanently, can also do that, namely with the intermittent fasting. Usually this fasting method is carried out as follows:

You take two meals a day. The first at 11 o'clock, the second at 17 o'clock. Between the second meal and the first one in the morning, there is a fasting period of 18 hours. But the intermittent fasting can also be practiced quite differently. Another option is to take a fasting day every week.

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Six reasons for a fasting day per week

One fasting day per week has many advantages. We name six of them:

1. One day of fasting per week detoxifies

Often we are unaware of how many toxic substances surround us every day. They prevent us from achieving the mental and physical power that is in us. They also make us older than we actually are and eventually they also make us sick.

Therefore, many naturopaths also say that any chronic disease is nothing more than the result of the cesspool to which we have made our body by stuffing everything into it, which is somehow tangible.

Depending on the individual detoxification capacity of our body, he now manages to excrete many of these poisons and slags, or at least to neutralize them.

Often, however, he does not succeed in daily detoxification and he deposits a portion of the slag in the tissue. He does that every day. Every day, a small amount of the incoming toxins is stored - and that is until such time as the possibility of detoxification arises.

In some people, this is never the case and eventually leads to the accumulation of toxins and slags to complaints or veritable diseases.

For other people, the organism uses the annual fasting or detox treatment in spring to excrete as many toxins as possible.

Now imagine how amazing your body would find it if every week for a whole day it had the ability to detoxify and purify!

On this fasting day, your organism could devote itself entirely to toxin excretion - without having to deal with the digestion and the defusing or new storage of constantly arriving new poisons.

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Help your body with the detoxification!

In the case of poison excretion, of course, you will actively help your body - as can be seen in the fasting program below.

For example, start your fasting day with a stomach and dry brush massage. Both increase the rate of diversion of your body.

The abdominal massage promotes the peristalsis of the intestine and the solution of the slags, the dry brush massage brings your lymphatic system in motion, which is known to be especially responsible for the poison and mucus secretion.

Also, on your fasting day, take bentonite, a mineral earth that sucks in poisons so they do not re-enter the bloodstream, but can be excreted in the stool.

Likewise, enemas help with internal cleansing.

If you also incorporate superfood drinks (smoothies, grass juices, berry shakes, etc.) into your fasting routine, then the antioxidants and vital substances it contains naturally also help tremendously to increase the detoxification capacity of the organs.

2. One fasting day a week cleanses your joints

The poisons and slags from our environment and the daily food already discussed under 1. unfortunately do not just circulate in the bloodstream. They are often stored in less well-perfused body zones - eg. In the joints.

One fasting day per week will therefore have a noticeable impact on the health of your joints - but only if you think about your health on the remaining days of the week and you put on a base excess, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich nutritional value.

The abundant drinking during the fasting day and the detoxification through the intestines, will cause your organism to dedicate itself to the regeneration and cleansing of your joints. Deposits are released and the cartilage relieved.

So if you fast one day a week, your joint problems may subside over time, so that soon a painless movement will be possible again.

For more tips that will help your joints, read: Arthritis - Healing is Possible

3. One fasting day per week helps with weight loss

One fasting day per week helps enormously with weight loss. You save the calories of a whole day - without having to fear a yo-yo effect. This only sets in when we eat very little for many days and then suddenly strike back as normal.

One fasting day per week, however, is firstly very easy to endure, because one knows that one can eat again the next day and, on the other hand, does not yet lead to the feared slow metabolism, which makes one ever thicker and thicker.

The only rule: On the remaining days may not be eaten MORE. The fasting day must therefore not be "brought in" again.

The intermittent fast for successful weight loss is also scientifically approved:

Researcher fromAston Research Center for Healthy Aging & School of Life and Health Sciencesat theAston Universityin Birmingham in 2012 examined the benefits of short-term fasting on refractory obese.

People with severe obesity often have genetic factors, metabolic disorders or certain dietary habits that are difficult to change, so that it is not often impossible to achieve weight loss with the usual tips.

Interestingly enough, the intermittent fasting leads the British scientists around Dr. According to James E. Brown, weight loss has also decreased in those who have been resistant to therapy to date.

Yes, short-term fasting is said to bring many benefits that can only be achieved with bariatric surgery (eg, gastric balloon or gastric banding), but without the risks and costs associated with such surgery.

4. One fast day per week for diabetes and cardiovascular problems?

The researchers of Aston University They also noted that intermittent fasting is highly recommended for type 2 diabetes, as it slowed the progression of diabetes and also reduced the number of new cases of diabetes, especially in overweight individuals.

During short-term fasting, blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin levels, and insulin sensitivity improve as well as a 600-calorie daily restriction diet, which is often difficult to treat by the sufferer and is known to cause the yo-yo effect.

With intermittent fasting, it is even possible to prevent the dangerous complications often associated with type 2 diabetes.

Even for those people with high cardiovascular risk, short-term fasting is a very helpful method. As mentioned above, the blood pressure drops, while also improving the heart rate during exercise / effort. In addition, abdominal fat (visceral fat) and cholesterol levels are reduced.

Scientists from Baltimore had already come to a very similar conclusion in 2005 in a review article.

They announced that short-term fasting had significantly improved the health of obese people and led to an extension of the lifespan in studies.

Thus, the short-term fasting would not only strengthen the heart and circulation, but also improve the brain functions. It was found that intermittent fasting practitioners were less prone to heart attack and stroke.

As a mechanism of action - so the scientists ofLaboratory of Neurosciencesfrom Baltimore - is the following in question: The short-term fasting reduces the oxidative stress of the cells and at the same time increases the resistance of the cells to free radicals.

So far to the physical benefits of a fasting a week. But the weekly fasting day has a very different impact on our minds.

5. One fasting day a week clears the mind

While you do not usually spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to eat now or later, thoughts of this kind are unnecessary during your fasting day.

Of course you also invest in the preparation of food and in the food itself a lot of time.

On your fasting day you can relax completely, collect your thoughts and finally take care of the really relevant things.

You will get away from the chaos that reigns around you and at the same time approach your own higher consciousness and thus your real life plan.

You will soon be looking forward to the mental clarity your weekly fasting day will bring.

6. One fasting day per week makes food a treasure

What happens if we have nothing to eat? What happens when we are hungry but we are not close to edibles?

We learn to appreciate our food again. Even a simple potato or a piece of dry bread suddenly seems like treasures to us and our mouth watering up, if we just think of a bowl of unseasoned rice.

Because when we are hungry, we rarely think of sweets, cakes, cola or chips. We think about very simple things and become quite modest.

One fasting day per week also helps us to gain a little more foresight and to be aware and grateful with our food.

Maybe we also think of those people who made us have something to eat at all. To the farmers who sown, cared for and harvested, who were out in wind and weather, who hoped for rain in dry weather, while we constantly think only of the sun and curse every raindrop.

One fasting day per week is so much more than just a day without food :-)

But how do you organize the weekly fasting day? How is the one-day fasting done?

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The day before fasting day

On the day before your weekly fasting day, you should not "eat", so do not indiscriminately fill your stomach just because you know there will be nothing left the next day.

On the day before your fasting day, eat light meals such as fruits, vegetable dishes, salads with sprouts, wholemeal toast with hummus (chickpea puree), jacket potatoes with almond paste, etc.

If you want to eat meat that day, do it at lunchtime, as meat generally requires a long digestion time.

Do not overeat and do not eat solid food at 6pm. If you like, you can take another protein shake from rice protein between 19 and 20 o'clock. If you do not like the rice protein in water, mix it into a delicious almond milk.

The drink ensures that your blood sugar level stays relaxed in the evening, that at the same time your metabolism and fat burning are stimulated and that your muscles are protected.

The fasting day

On the day of fasting yourself, proceed as follows:

  • Start your fasting day with a stomach massage!
  • Then treat yourself to a dry brush massage in front of the shower, which will boost your lymphatic system and thus accelerate the body's own detoxification and removal of waste products.
  • When you wake up, drink a glass of lukewarm water - if you like with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Before or after brushing, perform oil pulling (including tongue cleaning).
  • Drink a bentonite and psyllium husk shake or - if you do not like shakes - take both capsules.

The shake is mixed from ½ to 1 teaspoon of bentonite and psyllium husk powder in a blender or twister with 200 to 250 ml of water and drunk immediately. After shake, drink another glass (250 ml) of pure water.

  • If your digestion does not work properly, think of a small enema to feel fresh, light and powerful again!
  • If you feel hungry during the morning, you can have a delicious superfood drink (such as Amazing Grass).This contains superfoods of the finest quality (grasses, microalgae, maca etc.), high-quality fiber, probiotics and plenty of nutrients and antioxidants - exactly what you need on your fasting day!

Superfood drinks are available in different flavors, so you can always choose the one that suits your mood and needs.

For example, if you're a coffee, green tea, or black tea drinker, choose the Lemon Lime Drink in the morning. This contains u. a. Mate and Matcha tea and thus gives you the usual morning swing.

If you prefer cocoa, then the chocolate drink would be suitable for you. And if you're passionate about berries, choose the fruity berry drink.

  • During the day, drink about 1.5 liters of water (spring water or filtered water). In half of the water add ½ teaspoon Sango Marine Coral. Whenever you feel hungry or hungry, take turns drinking a glass of Sango Marine Coral and then a glass of pure water again.
  • In the afternoon you can drink a freshly squeezed vegetable juice, z. As cucumber, celery and lettuce. Juices from root vegetables (carrots, beetroot etc.) are very sweet and could cause your blood sugar level on a fasting day out of balance.
  • If you do not have a juicer, you can have another superfood drink in the afternoon.
  • If you are very hungry in the evening and can not sleep on an empty stomach, drink a protein shake with rice or / and lupine protein. However, protein shakes are not for you if you are already very protein-rich (a lot of meat, fish, dairy products) or have kidney problems, gout or other protein excess problems.
  • Keep your fasting day moving! Use your home trainer, your trampoline, your bike, the gym in your area, go swimming, take a long walk or whatever fun you can.

As soon as you have had your Weekly Fasting Day for a few weeks, and at the same time you are ensuring regular exercise and a healthy, overweight diet, you will notice that the weekly fasting day is not in vain considered the best health insurance in the world!

Your skin will be more beautiful, your eyes will shine, your youthfulness will return, excess fat will leave you and your thoughts will become clearer.

Irrespective of your starting position, you will soon feel much better, healthier and more efficient. Give your body the fasting once a week.

If the one-day fasting is not an option for you, then the detoxification treatment with a base-excess diet is a very good alternative. It can be carried out several times a year and helps you to get started in a permanently healthy and nutrient-rich diet. How the detoxification works, read here: The detox treatment

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