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Eight reasons for headaches in children

Eight reasons for headaches in children

Headache in children is not so rare. But usually the headache can be prevented. Because in many cases, the causes of the children's headaches are easy to fix - of course, only if you know them. Therefore, if children complain of headaches, first check to see if one of the eight main reasons is true, and then take the appropriate steps to correct the headache and prevent it from happening in the future.

Headache in children can have many reasons

If children suffer from headaches, then usually the school or athletic achievements also fall by the wayside. Understandable, because with headache nobody can concentrate well. And fun in learning, playing music or doing sports you do not have with a sore head.

According to Dr. Nick DeBlasio, pediatrician at the Children's Hospital Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Pediatric Primary Care Clinic, about 10 percent of primary school children complain of regular headaches.

The teenagers are between 15 and 27 percent, who always have headaches.

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The eight most common reasons for headache in schoolchildren

Headaches can be triggered by various so-called triggers. The eight most common are the following:

1. Dehydration causes headache in children

If children do not consume enough fluids or the wrong fluids, a lack of water can quickly lead to headaches.

Therefore, lack of water is also one of the most common causes of headaches in children.

Especially when the weather gets warmer and the children become more active, the loss of water from sweating often increases. If children forget to drink a lot, dehydration and, as a result, some children have headaches.

So make sure that your child always has a bottle of water or fruit tea with them and drinks regularly.

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2. Forgotten meals can cause headaches in children

Some children like to forget a meal. The subsequent blood sugar fluctuations, however, can trigger headaches.

Also too many sweet snacks can cause blood sugar fluctuations and headaches.

Take care that your child takes regular and balanced meals. Snacks should consist of fruits, vegetables, trail mix or whole grain products.

3. Caffeine - A common trigger for headache in children

If your child often drinks soft drinks with caffeine, it can come to the so-called withdrawal headache, if your child drinks caffeinated drinks.

Make sure your child does not get used to caffeinated drinks.

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4. Lack of sleep can cause headaches for children

Schoolchildren up to the age of 15 should sleep 10 to 12 hours. It often turns out that children who sleep less than 10 hours are much less well rested, do not seem so well-balanced, and have trouble concentrating. Not infrequently, after a shorter night, there is also a headache.

Sufficient sleep is an important preventative measure for children to be able to master the strenuous school routine without headaches.

5. Headache from grief, stress and worry

If children have problems at school (eg with a teacher or classmates) or even if they have a stressful everyday life and are overwhelmed with their daily schedule, this stress can be reflected in a headache.

Similarly, worries at home can lead to headaches, for example, when parents often argue or even divorced.

Moving to another region that is linked to a change of school also causes extreme stress in children and is therefore a headache trigger.

If there is a corresponding event in your family (change of school, relocation, divorce, etc.), then make sure that the new living conditions are organized as optimally and stress-free as possible for your child.

Also, give your child an understanding if it prefers less action outside the school (less music lessons, less exercise).Ä.) and create a more relaxed everyday life with him.

6. Headache from eye problems

If your child has an eye problem that no one knows about, it may be that he has to strain his eyes too hard to see what is written on the board.

This effort can lead to headaches.

If your child complains about headaches on a regular basis, consider taking an eye test at the ophthalmologist to rule out this possibility.

7. Constipation can cause headaches in children

Constipation can be another reason for headaches in children.

Therefore, make sure that your child is healthy and rich in fiber and thus has a regulated digestion.

If constipated, you can increase the fiber content of child nutrition with coconut flour, tigernuts and whole grains. At the same time, however, the child should drink a lot, eg. B. herbal or fruit teas.

In addition, the child should take a high-quality probiotic (eg Combi Flora), which regulates the intestinal flora and thus also the digestion.

8. Headache in the child due to food intolerances

Even food allergy or food intolerance can cause headaches in children (as well as adults).

Here come z. As a histamine intolerance or a gluten sensitivity in question. Intolerance to milk protein can also cause headaches.

If your child does not have any of the other reasons, then you should have food intolerances clarified. Because how easy can z. Avoid eg dairy products - and the headache is forgotten once and for all.

First aid for children's headaches

If your child complains of a headache, give him a glass of water and relax.

Check when it's last eaten, and if necessary, and if your child has an appetite, offer a light, nutritionally rich meal.

If your child does not want to eat anything, have a freshly squeezed vitamin-rich vegetable-fruit juice ready, eg. A carrot-apple-juice mixture or a green smoothie.

Then, if the headaches are more common, clarify all the other issues we've listed above. If necessary, put the teacher and pediatrician in confidence.

You should always go to the pediatrician if your child wakes up in the morning with a headache, if he might even wake up at night to his pain, if he often has a headache or if the headache together with vomiting.

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In children's migraine also use behavioral therapy

If your child is diagnosed with a migraine headache, insist that your child is not only supplied with medication, but also receives behavioral therapy.

Dr. Nick DeBlasio of the Children's Hospital Cincinnati Children's reported that cognitive behavioral therapy in children with migraine or chronic headache - according to a study by Dr. med. Scott Powers, published in Journal of The American Medical Association - can lead to a significant improvement in symptoms.

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