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Balding is reversible

Balding is reversible

Generally, a bald head (or partial bald head) is considered irreversible unless it has been caused by radiation or the like. But balding is not irreversible - at least not in every case. Although the hair follicles shrink during prolonged inactivity, they do not die off. So you take measures to activate them again. However, these must be measures that target not only the scalp, but the whole organism. Then the hair can grow again and reach a normal long life.


If a bald head forms, then the natural life cycle of the hair stops. Like all living things, hair also has a specific life cycle:

Each hair grows in the month about one centimeter and becomes between 2 to 7 years old. Then the hair comes loose, falls out and makes room for new hair. In this way, with normal hair growth, between 50 and 100 hairs are lost every day.

If they did not regrow, we would not have a hair on our heads after just a few years. But they grow after. Because it's just the hair, but not the hair follicles. These are located in the Haarboden. They surround the hair root and can always sprout new hair. Of course, only if they are supplied by Haarboden with sufficient nutrients.

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Bald due to nutrient deficiencies?

However, if the hair bottom is not supplied with sufficient nutrients, then the cycle described above collapses. A cycle that could last a lifetime - if the nutrient supply was right.

If she does not, then this could also be the reason why the hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) suddenly appears and a bald or partial bald head forms. Maybe the hypersensitivity would not show if the scalp and thus they themselves were well supplied with nutrients and vital substances.

Now you could say: Okay, then I'll give my hair bottom what it wants: A large portion of nutrients and my bald head disappears. And this is exactly the hook on the story. It's not that easy.

Nutrients no longer penetrate to the hair roots

Often, the nutrients that are supplied do not even reach the scalp. In Haarboden are the fine hair follicles in which the hair root is anchored. And to supply the hair follicles turn are still finer blood vessels around the follicles. These fine vessels as well as the tissue surrounding the hair follicles are often a place where slags like to accumulate.

Slags are partly contaminants that are taken with the food, but mostly metabolic waste products (wastes), which develop in the body itself and which it would lead in the optimal case (via the kidneys or the intestine). The slags also include neutralized acids, which is why one speaks in this context of an acidification.

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"Better a bald head than sick organs"

However, if too much slag is accumulated, or if the excretory organs are overloaded, the organism stores the slag first - preferentially where it is least likely to cause damage, eg. For example, in the Haarboden, according to the motto: Better a bald head than diseased organs - at least your body finds.

But if slags are stored in the hair follicle, then they clog the fine blood vessels that should provide the hair furs and hair roots actually with nutrients. Also the fine lymphatic vessels are blocked, which should remove waste matter from the hair. The hair follicles and hair roots are now surrounded with slag, which they can not get rid of due to clogged drainage. At the same time, the nutrients are no longer able to get through, at least not to the extent required.

What your hair has in common with a potted plant

The hair follicles could be compared to a potted plant. If a potted plant is not regularly fertilized or occasionally repotted to new soil, it eventually stops growing. Although she does not die, she remains and waits for nutrient replenishment.

A plant can stand in the same pot for years without dying. But it does not grow if it does not get any nutrients. It does not look too good either - and it does not bloom. At the same time it becomes susceptible to all sorts of diseases and pests.

Then one day the negligent hobby gardener remembers that he could also fertilize his plant once. And lo and behold: Suddenly she awakens to new life. It forms new leaves of rich green color.It shoots up, makes flowers and may even bear fruit. It is no longer sick, and the pests are looking for the space.

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A bald head is reversible

Just like a neglected potted plant, your hair follicles are waiting for the beautiful day, when they can finally draw on their full potential and grow healthy, dense hair.

This beautiful day will be the one on which you decide to act in a thirsty way. Because there are many things you could do. Here are some strategies:

The easiest way to do this is with a hair loss treatment or hair growth program (point 1 or 2). The hair loss treatment can be supplemented with various measures (point 3) from the area of ​​nutrition and nutritional supplements.

  1. They perform a hair loss treatment that focuses on the treatment of the scalp.
  2. They perform a hair regrowth, which combines based on silicon inner and outer applications, which also integrates a deacidification and a Darmfloraaufbau and also has nettle products in the program, as they have a concrete effect on the DHT levels.
  3. Are you interested in the holistic approach to promoting hair growth? Then you can combine your hair loss treatment with a healthy diet and targeted nutritional supplements.

1. Hair loss cure to activate the hair roots - external use

A hair loss cure to activate the hair roots can be carried out between 6 weeks (6-week cure) and 3 months (3-month cure). For example, it can contain the following four completely natural and non-irritating products:

Base shampoo

A natural base shampoo made from all-natural ingredients does not pollute the scalp with superfluous chemicals, soothes irritated scalp and helps cleanse the scalp.

Hair restorer

The treatment of the hair follicle with concentrated and natural nutrients from the outside can be taken over by a special hair restorer (eg Vital-Fluid), which was specially developed for baldness and hair loss.

Sango sea coral

For the deacidification from inside and at the same time for a remineralization of the organism and the hair coat the Sango marine coral can be used. It contains minerals in an ideal and harmonious relationship for humans and in addition in ionic, so easily absorbable and usable form. More information about the Sango Marine Coral can be found here.

alkaline bath

A Basenbad has many advantages, which in the long run on the health of the entire body and thus also on the health of the hair coat affects. The organism is stimulated to remove waste products through the skin. The relaxing effect also benefits the draining organs, which gain in efficiency and so slowly but surely the clogging slags can be removed from the hair floor.

Basic hair pack

As an additional useful measure for weak hair growth and to support hair regrowth once a week, a basic hair pack can be performed. Among other things, their ingredients can activate the blood circulation of the scalp, so that slag can be transported away better and nutrients and active ingredients can penetrate deep into the hair bottom again.

2. Hair growth with silicon and nettle

An intensive hair growth program based on silicon should last at least 4 weeks. The silicon alone can then be taken permanently. Because usually shows only after 6 to 12 months of silicon intake a result on the head.

Silicon from inside and outside

Silicon, together with zinc, is the trace element for beautiful and healthy hair. As early as 2006, a study was carried out at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf on the effect of silicon on hair quality and hair growth. In 55 thin-haired subjects taking silicon for 6 months, hair thickness increased by an average of 13 percent. Also, you could clearly notice a larger hair volume.

Silicon can not only be taken and strengthen the hair growth from the inside. The trace element can also be applied to the scalp in the form of a special hair growth concentrate and, in combination with hair growth-promoting herbs, additionally activate the hair follicles from the outside.

Deacidify and rehabilitate the intestines

A hair regrowth with silicon can either be limited to the silicon (small cure) or contain components for deacidification (base concentrate) and to build up the intestinal flora (intensive cure).

Because only deacidified cells - whether in the scalp or in the rest of the body - can drain slag and absorb nutrients (as we have described here: base concentrates - the secret of proper deacidification). Likewise, only a healthy gut with a healthy and potent intestinal flora can absorb nutrients from food (and direct it to the hair bottom) and completely expel pollutants.

Nettle against DHT

Nettle leaves and seeds have been used in folk medicine for hair problems. Meanwhile, one also suspects the mechanism of action, which causes the nettle to grow new and strong hair.

The stinging nettle should be able to block the so-called 5a-reductase, an enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into DHT - and DHT in turn or the sensitivity of the hair follicles to DHT leads to hair loss or prevents hair regrowth. So now - under the influence of stinging nettle - the DHT level would drop, the hair follicles could recover - as far as possible - and the hair reacts with growth.

3. Holistic measures to promote hair growth

Of course, the holistic approach, no matter what the problem, includes proper nutrition, effective stress management, and targeted nutritional supplements that provide you with the nutrients your hair bottom and hair really need for regeneration.

Details can be found here: Hair loss - The holistic concept and here: vital substances for the hair

Diet against balding

No matter which hair loss cure or hair growth you decide, however, there is no way around a certain change in your diet. The bare minimum, which is something that people who do not like their diet at all, should take to heart, would be the following five basic rules:

  1. no / little alcohol (never high percentage)
  2. no / little sugar (no sweetened drinks, as an alternative: sugar-free sweets from the health food store)
  3. no / little caffeine (coffee, cola, etc.)
  4. no products from extracted flour / white flour
  5. Start the day with a large glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon and take your last meal of the day before 19 clock.

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The success: bald bald

The observance of these five rules in combination with a hair loss or hair growth treatment leads after a short time to a significant increase in well-being and personal performance. All five vices (alcohol, sugar, caffeine, white flour, late meals) strain, acidify and slaughter the body tremendously.

If they are suddenly avoided, the organism literally breathes. The less acids and slags enter the body, the faster the old deposits - which are located in the hair bottom and prevent any hair regrowth - can be loosened and removed. And that's just the number one requirement for hair regrowth.

Once the old slags are gone, the nutrients and minerals that are supplied with a basic diet and high-quality nutritional supplements return to their traditional places in the Haarboden (requirement no. 2). The caring hair follicles are pampered and nourished and soon appear new hair.

You can supplement your hair growth with three special naturopathic remedies, which are used specifically against the genetic hair loss and we have described here:

Three natural remedies for genetic hair loss

Your training as a holistic nutritionist

Healthy diet is your passion? You love the surplus base, natural diet? You would like to understand the connections between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? You want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about health and nutrition your profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a consultant for holistic health. If you want to know more about the distance learning at the Academy of Natural Medicine, then you will find here all the details and feedback from current and former participants.


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